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~ Picasso

Saturday 10 January 2009

Weaving without a loom

This is a small sample of weaving on card. I wrapped the warp threads round a piece of card then used a woollen yarn (the weft threads) to weave under and over the warp threads. I left the ends of the yarn looking like "dreadlocks" and added beads in matching colours

How to do it:
You can make a small hand made "loom" on card board. Take a piece of card about A4 size. Make little slits top and bottom about 1 cm apart. Wrap some thread around the card into the slots to make the warp threads. Then take a long piece of yarn and weave "under and over" the warp threads. I find it useful to use a really long needle, like a mattress needle, to weave under and over

For beginners I recommend this book: Weaving Without A Loom


chocolat said...

Hello, carolyn!
i would love to know a bit more details how you did it, when you have a time...
this sample seems so cute***


Hi Chocolat (I love that name!)

I have added a little bit more information on weaving and a link to a book I recommend. I hope you come back again soon - I am posting loads more soon ...

chocolat said...

hi carolyn!
thank you so much for your information***
it is a nice way to knit...
i must try it!

alocin said...

I love love love your work!!!!

carolyn please can you tell me how to set up a cardboard loom, it is by placing the threads over the slits on cardboard or is it around the slits??

hope to hear back from you!



Hi Nicola

To make a simple cardboard loom make slits along the top and bottom of your cardboard about 1 cm apart (or whatever size you want to work to). Then wrap your yarn lengthwise into the slits to create your warp yarn (see diagram above) and secure tightly. Then, with another yarn (known as the "weft"), you can weave under and over the warp threads. Hope this helps.