"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Inspired by Peter Doig - Snow and Ice

This project was inspired, initially, by a couple of paintings by Peter Doig. The first one is called "Snowballed Boy" and I chose this because "weather" features a lot in Peter Doig's work and I love snow. I was also interested in the way the artist captured the motion of snowballs being thrown and the lines of the well trodden snow, the fencing and the tree branching. My samples attempt to capture some of this motion

"Snowballed Boy"

I used acrylic paints to paint on cling film, ironed more cling film on top. The two layers fused together. Then I machine stitched some lines with white and silver thread to represent the messy trodden in snow

I painted some Tyvek with acrylic paints. I cut it up into pieces and used it in this next sample

I stitched this on a calico base with a layer of scrim. I layered the pieces of Tyvek with some heat distressed chiffons and machine stitched in silver thread. This all all represents the snow background, the messiness and slushiness of used snow

I added some snowballs on top. They are wooden beads which I painted white then wrapped threads round them. The threads were left to hang loose to make it look like the snowballs are in the air, having just been thrown

More snowballs in motion - this is lentils trapped under pink tissue paper and pva glue. I rubbed white paint on top to enhance the textured element of the snowballs

Abstract textured painting


Julie said...

Interesting samples Carolyn. I have never tried sandwiching paint between cling film. I wonder if it oozes out when you stitch?

Anonymous said...

Julie, best to paint it on one piece of cling film, let it dry, then iron on the other piece of cling film on top (using baking paper over the top to protect the iron - where would we be without baking paper!). It's fun and it gives a shiny surface like ice/water

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the 'Hows' with us. If I'm learning - I'm happy!

I have tried using just layers, with threads and metallic papers trapped inside.

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

So much to see and learn as usual Carolyn - all lovely! Connie.