"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Friday 10 April 2009

The Effects of Climate Change

This is the felted piece finished - my latest piece raising awareness of global warming

You may remember the piece of pink felt that I wet felted (see earlier post). I added satin, gold threads, sheer snowflake ribbon and silk tops to it and embellished it some more. Then I cut it up and re-arranged the squares on another piece of hand-made felt. I added more wool tops, orange and gold metallic mesh and the squares and felted the whole piece again (see last post)

The final stage - I added free motion machine embroidery, hand stitching, beads, text and some of my beads made from Tyvek

My general theme and the idea behind this piece is that as our planet is getting increasingly hotter globally, the polar ice caps are melting at a much faster rate than ever before, sea levels will rise alarmingly as a result and this will have knock on effects socially and ecologically

Please click on this link: The Effects of Climate Change
From the UK Government's official website:


Cathie said...

Carolyn this is absolutely stunning. I love everything about it. The hot colors - cool colors - the overflowing design elements that tumble off the little inchies onto the background. It's really something!!

murgelchen said...

Carolyn, this is absolutly perfect.
How do you the beads of Tyvek?


Thanks Cathie and Helga

Helga - I will do a tutorial on how to make the beads when I get some free time

I need to make some more soon anyway as I like to have a stock of them and I'm down to my last dozen

Carolyn :o)

WolleNaturFarben said...

Hello it is beautiful ! I am very impressed by your textile art, by the history and the process. Very good that you recall on the climatic change and i like it, to have a look on climate change in this way.
Happy Easter
many greetings from Germany

Corryna said...

This is a great piece. I like what you did on the squares and the gradation of the colours is very well done.

Julie said...

Beautiful work Carolyn and so detailed. You have put in a lot of effort as befits such a serious theme. Thank you for the link too.