"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 22 June 2009

Texture and interest - leaves and ferns

Back to showing you a few samples from one of my sketchbooks - these were made a few years ago now on a bit of a leaf / fern theme

The sample at the bottom is rubbing over textured wallpaper with wax crayons on cotton fabric. The wax highlights the pattern and acts as a resist, then I went over the top with watered down acrylic paints

A rough monoprint onto cotton

Monoprinting made by painting onto a flat surface and pressing the fabric onto the paint to take a print. "Monoprint" usually means you only really get one good print, but I managed to take another print from the same paint which I really liked because it was more subtle. I outlined the shape with machine stitching

For this sample I painted onto bondaweb, cut the shape out and ironed the painted bondaweb onto white cotton, then added some very simple machine stitching

A machine stitched fern shape made using variegated quilting thread and the zig zag stitch setting

A collected fern, pressed then trapped between cotton and plastic, then stitched round to secure

Sun printing

Finally, this is me playing with my stitched monoprint picture in David Hockney photo collage style


murgelchen said...

Dear Carolyn,
your blog and picture are a great inspiration.

Have a nice week.


Pom Pom said...

I love the glimpse of your sketchbook! This is art. It cheers my soul.

Julie said...

Inspirational glimpse of your sketchbook Carolyn. I often take samples of textured wallpapers for my mixed media work but had not thought of using them as rubbing plates for fabric. That's a great idea!

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