"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sky of blue and sea of green

Another lovely week whizzed by filled with happy moments

Friday 27th May I enjoyed an afternoon with my friend Terri
We had a long lunch at The Harbour Pool Club and then had a walk around some of the quaint cobbled streets of St. Ives. The weather was stunning, hot blue skies and white sand beaches ... but ... it wasn't a good day for the camera as there were too many long dark shadows on just about everything I wanted to capture on the back streets in downalong ... so will have to re-take another day

Later the same day I bumped into my friend Jo on the beach and,
as it was so hot, we went for a cream tea in Madeleine's Tea Room
for no other reason than "just because"

Saturday 28th May was the start of Cornwall Open Studios
I discovered that textile artists Sandra Hardy and Vivien Staunton were exhibiting just up the lane from me
so I couldn't wait to go along and meet them

Why had I not met Sandra Hardy before?

Sandra moved to St. Ives just a year ago but spent the first year renovating her home and creating her beautiful studio workspace and is now settled and about to offer textile courses from her home and sell her beautiful textile pieces

I treated myself to one of Sandra's collaged sketchbooks
and some postcards with some birthday money I received

Have a look at Sandra's wonderful website

Sandra Hardy

I love Sandra's style from her textile collages to her
very fine felted and machine embroidered pieces

cushions and home furnishings

It was great to meet Vivien Staunton too!
I greatly admired her beautiful woven textiles and
bought one of her cards but the photo didn't do her work justice

On Tuesday 31st May I had a birthday

My hubby booked a stay at The Idle Rocks Hotel in St. Mawes
as a birthday treat and I must say I was thoroughly spoilt

I aged the photo I took
St. Mawes is a very small fishing village with harbour
not far from Falmouth on the Roseland Peninsular and
in comparison with St. Ives it was very quiet and peaceful
with a lot less hustle and bustle

when we first arrived we had afternoon tea on the terrace
it was a very warm day and we sunned ourselves
till it was time to get ready for dinner

I enjoyed a couple of pints of Betty Stogs
a Cornish ale brewed in Truro

and then a seven course dinner - very posh!

next day I had time to visit several lovely galleries and shops
and bought a few art cards for my collection

I had a very happy birthday

I had some really fab pressies

Surface Treatment Workshop book
Caran D'Ache water soluable crayons
Winsor & Newton watercolour paintbox
watercolour pens and new batteries for my camera
and a new sewing lamp
(so I have one upstairs and one downstairs)

I had these really beautiful space dyed threads
hand dyed by Nells Embroidery on Etsy
from my very dear friend Cathie

thank you dear bezzy ♥

and with it came this beautiful card stitched by Nell
I thought you would like to see it as the flowers are embroidered

also from my friend Cathie I received these wonderful sheers
and silk threads in pretty mauve tones

beautiful woollen and chiffon fabrics which Cathie says
came from The Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival
and a very pretty heart tag made by Cathie

gorgeous charms and wonderfully inspiring fabrics

April in Parisfabrics ... charms and
a nest and eggs magnetic notepad from
The North Carolina Museum of Art
(wow ... would I love to go there!)

and more fabrics ...

the wollen fabrics I shall use on my embellisher
and you know how much I love to use sheers!

everything was beautiful and so "me"
thank you so much dear Cathie ♥

my very good friend Jo always spoils me lovely too
she gave me these project pots of beads in gorgeous colours
that perfectly match the threads ... so inspirational!

Linkalso from Jo these wonderful homespun and pebble fabrics
she knows me so well :o)

Linkand Jo made this gorgeous threadpainted card
it's so fab and so funny ... I adore it!

Thank you for my brilliant presents Jo ♥

a beautiful card came from Missy K
because she knows I love Cornish cottages
as well as a gorgeous birdie notebook

Thanks Karen lovely ♥

what a lovely birthday!

the very next day after I got home from St. Mawes I met up with
some blog buddies at the cafe next to Art Space Gallery in St. Ives

Noelle, Diane, Lesley and me

It was lovely to see Lesley and Diane again and meet Noelle
for the first time even though she also lives in St. Ives!

we enjoyed tea and carrot cake
(a nice way of getting one of your five a day in!!)
put the blogging world to rights and then
exchanged gifts as is customary in blogland

from Noelle this adorable seagull
which my hubby loves as much as I do!

Stanley Seagull
look at all the love that has gone into the making of this mermaid
she is heavily embellished with beads, sequins and charms

Noelle ... thank you so much ♥

from Diane ... a bag of fabric scraps for my birthday
a pretty satin heart decorated with lace and beads

and a lovely flower corsage with a beaded centre

thank you Diane ... they are lovely ♥
and from Lesley ... these prints of her gorgeous artwork
I love Lesley's paintings all inspired by St. Ives

land and sea 2010
Man's Head
Porthmeor afternoon
Thank you Lesley ♥
and for the girls I gave them each one of my waxed cards
some of my painted beads and made them each a gardening heart
inspired by summer skies and the secret garden

it was a beautiful sunny day
the garden looks wonderful
in full bloom
featuring vintage style lace, machine stitched sheers
and text from one of my fave childhood books

The Secret Garden

each one has a silver spade (trowel) charm dangly

after tea I went beachcombing with Diane and Noelle
because a girl can never have enough beach treasure!

sea glass, ocean tumbled pottery and seaweed
ocean worn plastic and fabric altered by time

and a paddle in warm clear turquoise waters

followed by a visit to St. Ives Society of Artists
to see the members' current work ...
a weekend stitching on my quilt for FOQ
painting beads and papers for collage
... so busy all the time ...

how are you?
what are you working on?

Creative wishes


Diane said...

I'm just about to post my account of our morning! You had a really busy week - I'm thrilled we got to meet up again. My tummy is still a bit bluuuurrrgghhhh so I'm hoping to lose half a stone because of it!! xxxxx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wouldn't we all love to have a birthday like yours! Happy belated wishes!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who sang it but, the one line in the song kept popping into my head whilst reading this post...'Fantastic day'.
The day must have blown your mind and what lovely gifts an memories made!
I long to visit or live by the sea...dreaming of St. Ives tonight!

Sandie xx (Sandies' Patch)

Janilaine Mainprize said...

great blog....just love looking at your inspiring pictures and what you have been up to, really brings a smile to my face, thanks

Gina said...

It sounds as though you have had a wonderful birthday Carolyn with such thoughtful presents. We visited St Mawes last year when we stayed in Portscatho - so beautiful. I'd forgotten Sandra Hardy had moved to Cornwall - I know her from years back and studying machine embroidery together... lovely lady and lovely work.

Angie Willis said...

What a wonderful post and I'm so happy you had such a great birthday with gorgeous presents and loving friends. What fabulous things you are all making!

noelle thomas said...

Looks like you had a lovely Birthday! It was great to meet you all and the pressies were fab, all displayed on my dresser. I love your work Carolyn. We must meet up again soon for more tea and beachcombing xxx

Pom Pom said...

Oh, Carolyn! You have such a kind heart for people. You are celebrated for that!
Look how you invite such beauty into your life! I'm so glad I know you!


Thank you for the comments ... they are so valued as I am hearing from several bloggers via email that they've tried to leave comments here and blogger is still playing up ... so may I thank you for visiting me here

Carolyn ♥

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Such lovely photos as always Carolyn - I particularly like the last and also admire your 'beach haul' of plastic and glass in the colours of the sea.

Sandra Hardy's work is so fresh and pretty....

Thanks again for the Gardening Heart - I can't get over the depths and many hues and shades of blue comprising the flower - the varied fabrics all reflect light in a different way! Fascinating.

Your wonderful birthday was richly deserved. x

Lynda Howells said...

I have just got back from moving my son and his wife to their new home and suddenly realised, after looking at my diary...l missed your birthday! Can you send me your address via my email elemaitch@yahoo.co.uk as l had actually made you some thing!x Looks as if you had a lovely time and l love your images.xlynda

Julie said...

What a beautiful post and a lovely birthday and meeting with friends. I love, love, the mermaid! Sandra Hardy's work is lovely. Pom Pom is so right, you are a beautiful lady xxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely time you have had! Loved all of your presents. As you say, all very you.How great to meet up with your blogging buddies. The beach treasure looks fantastic. Beautifully displayed too.

K J D said...

didn't you do well....

i am so glad you had such a lovely birthday :)

Robin Olsen said...

What a feast--you always manage to get so much loveliness in one post! I'm glad you had such a delightful birthday.

Anonymous said...

St. Ives......... oh my goodness,
has easily moved up into my top
5 dream places to travel. believe me
your photo is fantastic!
I love all the blueness in your pieces!


Thank you for the birthday wishes ♥

Lynette (NZ) said...

Fabulous - I LOVE the colours in this post

essay said...

So interesting post. Thanks for it!