"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Thursday 4 April 2013

a bit about the jar project

 I began the jar project in January 2013

it started as an idea that I mooted with my sister in November
... that we collaborate on a photographic project together
a project that allowed each of us to work within
our usual styles, colours, themes, etc.
whilst exploring new ways of looking at things

6th March 2013 - week 7
the jar project

each week we explore  refraction, reflection, distortion
opacity, light, bokeh, colours and textures through photography

by photographing objects/subject matter
either in or through our jar or glass vessels
you start to find there are so many other things gong on
there are beautiful reflections, light bouncing, colours changing
shapes bending and distorting

as well as noticing and capturing interesting backgrounds
the jar itself can be interesting
the photo above is of the thread of the jar

each week the subject matter of my jar has been either
connected to something that I'm working on at the time
or something on my desk ... 
which serves as a kind of diary thought 
as all of my jars reflect my thought process for that day

here I used my oldest and most faithful paint brush
it's the brush I use a lot for painting backgrounds
painting tyvek, fibretex, geospun and collages

it's a sadly neglected brush ... I do wash it out (of course!)
but it's rusted with bristles splaying ... and does the job

so my one word title for this jar is ...

also on my desk you can make out William Shakespeare
and some other papers that I'd started to gather
for a paper swap with mixed media artist Brian Kasstle
organised by FM of Lawendula

my parcel of things was posted to Brian in Long Beach, California
a couple of weeks ago and I'll share more on that another time

William Shakespeare in my jar huh?
who'd have thought he'd be that famous lol ;o)


Pom Pom said...

Hi Carolyn!
You have grown so much as an artist. You are always looking and challenging yourself to see things in a deeper way.
I have so enjoyed observing your beautiful journey!

Anonymous said...

I love this jar project, so many reflections of the way things can be in the world...Nice brush! Bet you want to hold onto that one forever. xox


hello Carolyn, Happy Spring??? Has it arrived yet in St. Ives??? I have never heard of Jar Projects.. You are always so inventive and creative and everything you do is fantastic. Love it. Hugs Judy

K J D said...

Carolyn that is such an interesting project.... Will would like it I'm sure - he'd probably write a sonnet about it!!!

I have a favourite paint brush too ;)

Karen x

Evelyn ~ Indigo Beach Art said...

I'm loving the jar project ♥

Linda Vincent said...

This is such an original idea Carolyn......I might have a go! X

Sophie Munns said...

Just wonderful!
S x

Everydaythings said...

that is so interesting, I have done two projects now ( at a more rudimentary level to yours) with things in jars, my most recent post is a blue bird drawing in a bottle, and I too like the way the refraction 'hides' my lack of drawing skills lol!
looking forward to seeing more of your jar project here too!

Unknown said...

I love your project with the jar filled with treasures! I have been inspired to get a decent camera at last. By the end of the year your jar will be a real treasure, too - how about some 2014 photos of the empty jar inside things like the sea, a cupboard, a tree...could be fun?

Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful project with us. I keep seeing your jar photographs but was too shy to ask :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you for the explanation about the jar project - it's a fascinating concept. Simple to execute but the results are so elegant.

Denim Jeans said...

This jar project looks very nice, Thanks for all the effort you put to share amond us