"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tag Tuesday

many of you will know I silently host the very lovely blog group called


I never imagined, when I set it up in January 2012, just how popular it would turn out to be
here we are in 2014 and it's still running and being enjoyed and
the talent in the group is amazing ... stunning ... wonderful!

I now have some wonderful helpers in Mo, Carolyn and Valerie
and throughout the last (personally) difficult year
they invaluably helped to keep it all running smoothly
 so this is to say thank you to them for everything they do for Tag Tuesday

in 2014 I do want to take a more active part in the group
get back to creating little tag size works of art
as I enjoy working with paper, paints, inks, images and words
just as much as I love working with fabrics, stitch and textile techniques
they are both great ways to express my love of nature and the whimsical
so I will be catching up with January's themes very shortly

meanwhile ...

I have been wanting to share here some of the truly gorgeous  tags
that came my way whilst hosting the Tag Swaps in 2012 and 2013
everyone was so very generous to send me little extras
I am sure, like me, you will enjoy these beautiful creations ...


a tag with very special ribbons and lovely vintage imagery
an extra gift from Petra

and very special little extras from Petra

from Liz ... another lovely vintage image on a magical background
of mica, gold metallic fabric and glitter with silver stars
it has a lovely beaded trim and came in a hand made envelope
made from vintage sheet music


 a beautiful tag from Petra in the swap
I loved this one so much ... love those deer in the snow
and the white vintage trims ... lovely!

 star of wonder - a lovely gift from Jane who made an extra tag for me
Jane created a lovely glittery star background and the words
"star of wonder" on the back of the tag

this was a very pretty hand made card
a gift to me from Laura Turner ... for hosting Tag Tuesday
the details are truly beautiful - thank you

what perks!

 dear Mo sent me a set of her hand made postcards
she knew I would enjoy her photos of rust

what I love about these is that the rust has decayed to almost pink
I am sure that when I stick these in my sketchbook it will inspire something


this is a very lovely tag made by Laurie M. Jackson
the details are very sweet with lovely glittery trims
and the vintage image very nostalgic

it's charming!


 more beautiful work from the lovely Laura Turner
Laura made an extra tag for me to keep
it's very beautiful indeed with it's embossed snowy tree and snowflakes
and many layers of fabrics and papers ... really rather special!

holly jolly Christmas tree and
warm winter wishes

both of these tags have been made by Julie
of Elves in the Attic

they are gorgeously contemporary and fun
I love the clever use of materials and layering
and I like to see "modern" amongst the vintage

 warm winter wishes from Julie Steed


bah humbug!

such fun!
another wonderfully contemporary tag made by Barb Cady
Barb used a stampotique image which looks just like an original illustration
on her own hand coloured background with yummy zetti
and I adore that badge!

December the 25th!

a lovely long embossed tag made by Judy
with lots of lovely layers of paper and interesting trims

and this one was made by Sue (Susie J)

the image is lovely and the golden trims are perfect
love the gold ribbon and the greeting
I do love the old style Father Christmas images

here's another lovely one from Valerie

Valerie's beautiful tag is very old style
with vintage cut out card, vintage ribbon and lace trims
and another gorgeous Father Christmas

another very lovely old time Father Christmas from Mo
I do love this picture very much!

this one I adore!

I've loved the story of the Nutcracker for a very long time
I was delighted that Annie C made this especially for me
how could she know?

love the soldiers and the mouse king and the stickles
the details on this tag are really something!

another lovely tag from Mo featuring an embossed felt tree
on sheet music with words "around the Christmas tree"
thank you Mo

 this one's a real cutie!

when choosing my own tags for the swap I was drawn to this one
the little girl off to bed with her Christmas stocking ... utterly charming!
love the peeling vintage wallpaper and the berry trim

 and this charming little girl features
on a lovely "joyful" tag made by Petra

Petra has used corrugated card painted white with glitter
embossed with snowflakes and snowflake trims
layers of lace and old buttons

this lovely tag was made by Annie Ploug
it has many textile layers of fabrics, lace, scrim and old buttons
and an image printed to fabric ... of ladies wearing their Christmas bonnets

 and this art tag is a real snow globe filled with shimmery glitter ...
just shake it up for a magical wintry snowy scene
it was made especially for me by Helen

 and lastly, but by no means, least
this lovely tag was made by Jane Cuthbert
with warm Christmas greetings and beautiful silver ribbons

 Jane has handwritten her Christmas message in silver pen and
on the back she has covered the tag with many sequins in winter white
it's very snowy and very lovely!

 well, that's it for today
but there are more tags still to share on Love Stitching Red
if you would like to see more ... pop by there in a day or so

thank you for visiting my blog today
I hope you enjoyed seeing the tags ♥


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Just beautiful... thanks for sharing all that wonderful talent.

Barb Cady said...

Lovely post Carolyn and thank you so much for showing one of my tags, I hope you won't mind if you just let me say I used a stampotique image it wasn't one of my drawings..... I would not like anyone to think I was pinching their art! Hope the new year has started off better for you and it is not too wet down there! Hugs, barb x


Thanks Susan and Barb ... yes Barb I will change the words thank you. I loved your tag so much I had to have it!! love xx

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a lovely picturesque post Carolyn. Thank you for showing your appreciation of the works sent to you. We all appreciate all the work you put into the blog and it's upkeep. I have a great time every week, deciding what to do and then viewing what everyone has made.
Love n hugs

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Each tag is so beautiful - each so very different and unique. Loved looking at all the little details.