"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Friday 13 February 2015

art challenge day 5 - a squabble of seagulls on a rainy Friday

older work for the facebook art challenge
1. gullible 2. silver tipped 3. on silver white wing tips 4. seagull fabrics
5. almost ready to fly 6. look at me 7. feather 8. screams
9. a seagull keeps a royal lookout 10. river Dart seagull 11. a fish and chip supper
12. the sea is warm ... come on in 13. on the rocks

and a watery one on a rainy Friday
the sea, raindrops, my paint palette and my stitched lace hearts

1. Mousehole Gap 2. fishing boat black and white tones 3. Smeaton's pier and lighthouse 4. harbour lights 5. on silver white wing tips 6. St. Ives misty winter texture 7. moonlit waters - textiles - a bit closer 8. moonlit waters - textile art 9. St. Ives stormy winter texture 10. winter greys 11. storm, 12. St. Ives harbour reflected in rain drops 13. a cold rainy day

have a very happy Friday
and a lovely weekend ... whatever you are doing ♥


Sandies' Patch said...

Couldn't be a better word to describe the Seagulls lol!

Carol Rigby said...

These two mosaics are my favourites so far.

Linda Vincent said...

Very special mosaics Carolyn....love those soft blues, creams and greys.
(And you've just reminded me...I must keep my back to the wall when I have my ice cream in St Ives next week ;-)xx

Diane said...

You even made the seagulls gorgeous - clever lady xxxx

Anonymous said...

Seagulls shots are great. They are always quite the characters. We see them alot now in Maine. xox

Lynn Holland said...

What a great word "squabble" is. I'm going to put it in my book of words.
Fsbulous mosaics Carolyn. Enjoy yourselves this weekend xxx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Squabble of seagulls - how fitting! Now I must check to see if that's what a group of them is actually called, just because I'm curious.

Evelyn ~ Indigo Beach Art said...

Lovely images!