"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday 7 April 2015

late afternoon ... in from the garden and shadows on my desk

we've had the most beautiful weather here in Cornwall the last couple of days
I've spent all day long in the garden both days

I brought these seed heads in from the garden
to photograph and work with ...

the late afternoon sunlight cast interesting shadows amongst the work in progress
on my desk ... little collaged textile pieces for cards and some mini landscapes ...

has it been lovely where you are?


Regina B Dunn said...

So glad you are enjoying lovely weather there. Here, in central Florida, we are in full Spring. The weather is sunny, warm, and we are lucky to have wrens raising a nest of babies right outside our front door. And we have lots of migrating birds passing through our area so I never know what type I might see each day. It's quite wonderful.

Julie said...

It's been lovely and sunny here too and it's making me miss Cornwall all the more. Lovely place to sit and sew :-)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's not quite lovely here - yet. At least the temperature has been above freezing, which is a bonus. Tonight and tomorrow they're calling for a freezing rain storm - again. Spring, this year, is coming very slowly with one step forward and two steps back. (sorry I've been MIA over the past week or so).

chrissie said...

The weather hasn't been too bad here either though I am sure it is a lot warmer in Cornwall than East Yorkshire.

Love the treasures glowing in the sunshine


Zue said...

Been really nice here in Oxford, though a slight change is on the way.
Those sed heads are very inspirational and beautiful!

Carol Rigby said...

Oooh! Look at those lovely colour's. Made even more lovely by the late afternoon sun.

Diana Taylor said...

How lovely - I feel I've rediscovered your blog. I have been following Karen's journal wrecking project and that led me back to here - I'm so glad you are up and running again. I love your photo mosaics - you have a wonderful eye for colour, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing with your gorgeous seed heads - I've been rather obsessed with seed pods and my winter garden for the last few months! It's been a real pleasure browsing your beautiful photos, you are truly inspirational, and I know I'll be back again soon.
Diana x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wee Man & I were very lucky with the weather too, in Lancashire with Lynn. Our boots and raincoats were unnecessary really, but had we not taken them...........yeah! Lol
Your seed heads are so pretty, they look like daisies tome, but probably aren't. Your wee landscapes are so lovely with the pastel shades.
You seem to be as busy as ever. {{Hugs}} xoxo