"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Wednesday 12 April 2017

golden moons with indigo and umber clouds

it was such a beautiful moon last night

the brightest full moon I've seen for a while
with occasional midnight blue and umber clouds passing over shrouding it in mist

it was mesmerising and I watched for ages ...

I count my blessings ...
that I'm able to lay in bed and look up at the moon and star light over the sea
even if it does take me longer to drift off ...

the early morning shimmer is breathtaking too

I've had a very busy couple of weeks ...
with the Surface Design Treatment Workshop samples
a new erosion bundle, St. Ives Textiles and the cyanotype workshop

I put together this mosaic ...
which is a gathering of everything I managed to squeeze into my week
you can just make out a new collage there which I have been working on ...

it's inspired by that optimistic feeling that spring is just around the corner
that promise of bright spring days ... and longer, golden, summer days to come

when days are very warm in the sunshine but the wind is chilly and fresh
and when wet sand can be very cold between the toes ...

this charming old photo is one from my collection which I love
for the sheer joyfulness of engrossed sand castle building and smiling faces

I've used a mix of papers, sheer fabrics, silk, lace, netting and the old photo
decorated with shells, beads, real seaweed and pressed flowers (from my garden)

I added a touch of gold to the tiny flowers

I quite adore the natural organic edge of ripped and frayed fabrics
and tangles of loose flying threads finding their own place

also in the mosaic I included some rusty peeling paint found on St. Ives boats

I like the crustiness of the rust and the crackle of the aging white paint
with worn and rubbed layers showing the boats history

who chose to paint sunny yellow over blue layers?

I think yellow must be one of the most joyful and uplifting colours in the palette

"colour is a means to exert a direct influence on the soul"
-Wassily Kandinsky-

this week ... I've begun to stitch seaside inspired hearts again
and subconsciously (or not) I've been favouring this palette
of spring yellows, gold and indigo blues

this one features yellow and gold moons and circles
inspired by that big ol' moon up there again tonight

at the moment ... I'm just layering up pretty fabrics and lace
and securing with stab stitches and running stitches

I have to say that I'm probably at my most happiest when I'm stitching hearts
and I'm especially enjoying a slower way of working at the moment
while I catch my breath after the show at the weekend

so over the next few weeks and months you will see more of my hearts developing
as I create a new body of work for exhibition in September
(Cornwall and seaside inspired ... beach scenes, rock pools and Cornish cottages)

I shall begin work for exhibition in earnest at the beginning of June
meanwhile ... I'm clearing the decks, so to speak, in preparation for that

Stitch St. Ives was a great success last weekend ... I had so much fun
mainly thanks to so many of my St. Ives friends popping in to see me
 and visitors, blog and facebook friends coming along to say hello and talk textiles

so a huge thank you to all of you who came to the show ... it was great to meet you!

many, many thanks also to St. Ives artist Angela Diggle
for trusting me with her grandmother's vintage sewing "notions"
everything is rather precious especially the well worn darning mushroom
and I will take great care of them as the new "keeper" - thank you x

inevitably I made a few purchases myself  …

so ... now that I have recovered following the show
(these days my auto immune illness necessitates this!)
I will be getting my samples finished off for The Surface Treatment Workshop

we are combining week 7 (gels) with week 10 (speciality gels)
I hope to share my samples some time over the weekend
and thereafter get back to posting the Workshop on Wednesdays
and Snippets on Saturdays/Sundays

Evelyn has already posted her samples if you would like to see
(always interesting and different to mine)

thank you so much for visiting ... take care ... see you soon x


Carol Rigby said...

I'm so glad you had a successful show. A lovely uplifting post once again Carolyn. I am waiting with anticipation to see your lovely textile hearts. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Such inspiration abounds here as always. I am not surprised that you work flies to other homes, how can it not.....always made with heart. xox

Debbie said...

Love your posts they always make me want to rush down to Cornwall

Evelyn said...

Lovely images - I'm glad Stitch St. Ives went well... !

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lucky you to be entrusted with vintage sewing notions - they have so many stories to tell. Glad to hear the show was a success and spectacular views of the moon. You must have a skylight in your bedroom - how wonderful that would be for the nights I can't sleep!

Patricia said...

Hello Carolyn
Thank you for sharing your work, I really love your images ! I was taking pictures from the full moon too, but in Southern France!. Getting inspired by nature and the unseen world, I find myself a little overwhelmed by ideas right now.

Tanya Rogers said...

Love the splashes of yellow and gold you are using - the coastline echoes that with all the glorious gorse at the moment xx

Caterina Giglio said...

Another stunning post, dearheart, just love all your work and that glass bead gel is interesting isn't it? xox