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~ Picasso

Friday, 5 June 2009

Making beads from plastic carrier bags and cellophane sweet wrappers

You will need:
  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Sweetie wrappers
  • Metallic threads (optional)
  • Wooden barbeque stick
  • Heat gun
The first job is a tough one (but someone's got to do
it!) - eat some sweeties and/or choccies and gather together some cellophane sweetie wrappers!!

Wrap a strip of carrier bag around the stick. Then on top wrap a sweetie wrapper around the stick and secure with a pin to stop it unfolding while you heat. I did try using some with a little bit of foil on but it doesn't work as well as the cellophane type wrappers

Unashamed plug: Cadbury's Roses chocolates eaten at Christmas!!

Hold the heat gun 6-8 inches away from the cello and heat up and down twisting the stick. The plastic carrier bag will fuse together and the cello will melt and fuse to the plastic

I thought it looked a little plain and unfinished so I added two more layers of sweetie wrappers and some copper metallic thread

I heated the bead again so the top layer of cello wrapper fused to the bead

Let it cool down and then push the bead off the stick

The finished bead



OffTheHooks/Crafty Ash said...

that is great- thanks!
for some reason, i got a heat gun for christmas, and i never really had a use for it- until now!!

CAROLYN said...

Hello - thanks so much for your comment. I do hope you have a go at the beads with your new heat gun - it's great fun with an end product!!

Have a happy creative weekend!


Anonymous said...

This could be so much nicer than making 'fimo' beads as you have to eat the sweets first! I'm always on the look out for some unusual things to make into beads. I found the pages out my seed catalogues made lovely paper beads
best wishes Jacquie