"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday 17 May 2009


This is the latest piece of stitching I'm working on - it has the theme of distress

I layered many different types of fabric, metallics netting, faux fur, plastic, cottons, sheers and fabrics that I distresed and distorted (heated chiffons) to reflect on the distressed state of our planet

I machine stitched the fabrics to a base and I've started adding hand stitched details, french knots and seed stitches. I love to make french knots - they are satisfying to stitch and give a nice texture

Threads I gathered in preparation

I like to set out the thread colours to choose from in order like this - it inspires my colour choices

I'm working on two pieces like this simultaneously. Both background pieces feature distress and holes which represent holes in the ozone layer and distress to our planet system. Both are almost completed and I'll show you some more pictures soon


Meltem said...

I loved color you have mixed and materials too!
In short I'm admirer your works!

Julie said...

I love French knots too, I think they are my favourite stitch. What a gorgeous array of threads! Look forward to seeing your progress with these. The second piece is looking very exciting.

Cathie said...

Welcome Home Miss! So glad you are back - I missed visiting you every day for inspiration!
These are absolutely beautiful - I agree the little red french knots are delicious!

Ann Christy said...

It is looking scrumptious! I love the texture and the colours.

gunnelsvensson said...

It´s looks great! So lovely threads and different lovely fabrics. Great texture!