"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday 5 July 2009

Getting there ...

Just stopping by to say "hello" and to wish you all a very happy weekend!

On Friday I finally finished off the free motion machine stitching and quilting on my tropical scrap quilt. I haven't had a chance until now to show it. The overall piece is not completed because I'm adding detail to the top with hand stitches and maybe a few beads

This is the back of the quilt so you can see the stitched leaf patterns a bit better and also the fabric I used for the backing. You can click on any of these pictures for a more detailed view

A bit more detail

I added detail to the flowers with Markal paint sticks and plan to add stamens with long stitches and tiny delica beads

I added another fern trapped under plastic. The fern came from Dominican Republic, picked and pressed inside a book while I was on holiday there

By now I'm wondering how many more pictures of my scrap quilt can you stand? :o)

This weekend I shall be working on several things that are nearly finished and coming to fruition all at the same time. I'm painting pages in my sketchbook for an Autumn project which I hope to show you later in the year; putting the finishing touches to my Stitched Stuffies and, if I get time, hand stitching/beading on the tropical scrap quilt - all very exciting!

Looking at my little Flower Fairies book this morning I couldn't help noticing how the petals and colours of the Wallflower Fairy are similar to the ones I've been using in my quilt and sketchbook. I am noticing these colours everywhere at the moment and being very inspired by them. Of course, I still love my reds the best, but I do love all colours and colour, more than anything, has a strong influence on my work

The Wallflower Fairy

Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing and thank you for visiting me!


purplecat said...

Wonderful quilt!

Muriel said...

Magnifique!!J'aime beaucoup la combinaison de couleurs!

Pom Pom said...

HI Carolyn,
Your scrap quilt keeps getting more and more enchanted! The golden backing is sheer perfection! I am intrigued by the wallflower fairy and her colors. I've been writing a fairy story on my blog. I love color, too. Experimenting with color is a way for us to participate in the miraculous! I love your posts - your work inspires.

Julie said...

Stunning work Carolyn! The back is as beautiful as the front. May I ask how you have finished the quilt without a binding? I am having a problem deciding on a binding for my Little Quilt Swap quilt and it may look better without one.

Cathie said...

Just got home from our 9 day excursion. Am exhausted as heck, but couldn't wait to rush in after my shower and check to see what my buddy has been up to. This quilt is magnifique! I absolutely love how you carried the picture through by quilting - particularly the bird of paradise flower. Your work is so inspiring to me. I can go to sleep now and dream of quilted flowers and leaves.
PS it's good to be home!

Pom Pom said...

I hope you are enjoying some rest and quiet and have something lovely to show us soon! Check out my posting - I prayed for you last night.

daisy said...

So much work has gone into this quilt. I also like the picture of the back as it does clearly show all the detail of the stitching. Fabulous work!

Have a fabbie weekend xx

Judy Alexander said...

This looks like a great quilt! I love using up those scraps. I just posted a couple of small scarp quilts on my blog a few days ago.

Sharne Gregory said...

Your quilt is looking really good, I love all the different leaf patterns on the back. Looking forward to seeing the hand stitched details.

K J D said...


This is perfection.... I think you have created an heirloom. It really is wonderful....


Ruth Rae said...

I adore your quilts~
I am scouting for art quilting studio... do you have any quilts you could submit? email me at ruthrae@gmail.com for more info ;0)