"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Nature table

Today I'm posting some more still life photos from my woodland walks last week. I've been enjoying laying out my "finds" and one end of my desk resembles a nature table at the moment

Inspired by these lovely Autumn colours of oak leaf green, warm spicy orange and leaf brown I knitted one of my loopy scarves for Gunnel last week

Such warm colours

Then, on Tuesday's walk last week, I noticed all the same colours in one tree …


.. and a little green hedgehog?

Have fun - kick through some leaves today ...


Annie said...

Oh those are such beautiful colours. Isn't nature wonderful :-) A x

Cathie said...

"Kick through some leaves today" - I love that notion. Our leaves in this area of NOrth Carolina are still on the trees, although when I look outside when it's breeze, I see some drifting down. We haven't quite changed colors yet totally.Trees are begining to turn red and yellow - but just the start.
I do love your photos Carolyn - such a wonderful eye you have. I know I tell you that alot! The scarf you knitted for Gunnel - is perfect. How funny - it looks just like the next photo of the leaves. I'm sure she will love it.

Pom Pom said...

LOVE the colors that match the yarn! I am so excited about my rich, purple Carolyn scarf! I wish the weather would cool again so I could take a rosy cheeked picture for you!
I keep getting compliments on my glass necklace! It goes with all my silly clothes!
Have a wonderful day today, true one. I'm going to send you some leaves.
lovelove PP

imac said...

Hi, My little Cornish Piskie (Carolyn).
Love the work in Autumn colours, also the piccies too.

Thanks for your visits and very kind comments.
Look forward to seeing you again visiting also next year, when we hope to have our yearly fix of St Ives.

Kim Printz said...

your blogs are so beautiful. i love visiting here and soaking up the inspiration from your gorgeous work. happy fall!

qwerty said...

Loooooove that gorgeous yarn!! I also love autumn! Your still life pics are really gorgeous.

Chrissie said...

The yarn is lovely - lucky Gunnel! Strangely enough, I had my old copy of Country Diary out last week and appreciated it all over again.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Wow what colors! And so great that your scarf was an exact match with nature. Love that loopy stuff.

Julie said...

A beautiful post today Carolyn, the Autumn colours are gorgeous.

Jeana Marie said...

I am loving these photos of your autumn leaves. Also love the photos with the nature book as background, here an on your other blog, really very beautiful.

thank you for always being such a sweet commenter - it really means so much to me and I like what you have to say too :)

Joei Rhode Island said...

The colors of October are so inspirational...and the colors of the scarf..perfect match. I've been out every morning watching the sun come up .. shining through...kicking leaves, turning them over then watching the dogs chase them as they stick to their tails

gunnelsvensson said...

It´s SO VERY BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so very much my dear friend !!!!! It´s arrived today, and I love it :-))

Jacky said...

What a GORGEOUS scarf you have knitted for your friend Gunnell, beautiful warm autumnal colours.
I'm really enjoying these lovely botanical prints and the nature finds from your woodland walks..... those berries and leaves are beautiful. I especially love the Spanish Chestnut, probably because it looks like a hedgehog and they are my favourites!
Thanks for taking us on your woodlands walks with you.

Jacky xox

Jane said...

We've certainly had some lovely autumn days this past week or two.
Today is a mixed bag but, hey ho!
And your photos?
All I can say is.... wow!!