"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Saturday 21 November 2009

Inspired by rock pools and colour

My colour combo today is blue, purple and a little bit of green

Starting with my new series of "Rock Pool Hearts". I made these hearts for my recent giveaway and as I was stitching them they reminded me of rock pools, full of layers, textures, colours, bits of treasure, snippets of things, fabrics, silk paper, silk pods, metallic fabrics, mesh, organza, threads, found objects such as shells and sea glass, buttons, sequins, little tiny stitches, french knots and lots of beads ...

I made this pale blue one for Monica. I know it's the particular shade of blue that she likes. It came out rather watery and icy and I used a piece of chiffon which had a silver snowflake on it

I added a silver filigree heart charm on top of layers of organza, metallic fabrics and metallic mesh as well as a torquoise button, sequins, beads and little stitches

The hearts evolve as I stitch them. I don't know myself what is going to end up on the hearts until I rummage through my boxes and find "just the right thing"

This is the one I made for Sharne, who also likes blue

I used cellophane sweet wrappers, silk, linen, metallic mesh, painted mulberry paper, silk paper and added a mussel shell from one of the St. Ives beaches, beads and cross stitches

In the corner, there is a piece of distressed melted plastic (a carrier bag in a previous life) which I stitched through with beads

This heart was stitched for Emma. Emma likes shades of teal blue/green and duck egg blue. I don't have much duck egg blue in my stash so I chose teal blue and sea green

Emma's heart had such a lovely sheen to it. I used silk paper, fused angelina fibres, raw edged silk, a piece of silk carrier, metallic mesh and some tiny pieces of green sea glass couched on, beads and little stitches

I think this one was my favourite of them all ... but I also like this one ... that I made this for Doreen who likes the colour purple and butterflies

Again, I used snippets of fabric, scrim, raffia, fused angelina fibres and organza

On top, there are beads, sequins, a piece of ribbon, a little embroidered flower, little cross stitches and french knots and a butterfly stamp in purple and green

The colours in the stamp inspired the scheme of purple and green which I think looks quite pretty

This is the heart I made for Melanie, who likes purple and silver

It's all in the layers - silver fabric, purple organza, cotton fabric and scrim with a piece of hand dyed silk on top. I also used squares of paper, purple raffia, sequins, beads and a silver filigree heart charm with little cross stitches

Finally, I stitched this one for Libbyquilter. I was on a roll by now, giving them all a little bit of St. Ives seaside. This one features aqua, torquoise and mauve. The colours look nice together. I added a mussel shell and one of my hand made beads

The bead is made from plastic, cellophane sweet wrappers and metallic threads. To make beads like this using recycled materials you can follow my tutorial which you will find in the labels in my side bar

The textile beads are good for adding a bit of texture and depth

I made one other heart for Heike in silver and grey with shells on which I have already shown here

In my colour combo for today I thought I would show you my dichroic pendant which is fused glass. It contains a rainbow of irridescent colours inside it. I photographed it on a painted, stamped paper that Ro Bruhn sent me with a rubber stamp

See the beautiful seaside colours inside. I love this!

Ending with one of the most gorgeous pieces of stitching I have ever seen. This is a card Michala Kaylacoo sent me (see below in the previous post). I love the rainbow of colours, each colour subtly blending into the next. It has wonderful texture with couching, beads and french knots. It's absolutely stunning. Michala has this as her header on her blog where you can see it much larger

Lots of new stuff coming soon!
Have a great weekend

Carolyn ♥


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Morning Carolyn. These hearts are all beautiful, individual works of art. i admire your skill in putting bits and pieces together so artfully. They are a real inspiration.
I also love dichroic fused glass and have some lovely pieces.I think it was my love of fused glass that led me to fusing fabric. The way layers of sheer fabrics change colour and texture in the process. Love it : )

Chris Gray said...

These are all so lovely Carolyn.....

...maybe I'll do a couple of hearts myself....

.....they'll look nice on the fireplace that I'm in the middle of finishing/painting.....

Pom Pom said...

Wowie Zowie, Carolyn! Your hearts are illuminated! I wonder if I could go downstairs to my messy basement and scrounge up some heart making materials . . . I wonder if I could make a heart before I start my day. I'll let you know.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Absolutely scrumptious Carolyn. Love your artistic use of all your "stuff".

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My absolute favourite colours so I loved this post. Thanks for the eye candy!

Susan - said...

Just beautiful and very inspiring! Love the blue hearts!

Dotti said...

The hearts are charming indeed. They have so much interest and are fun to look at!

Julie said...

So many beautiful hearts Carolyn, just like your own :o) I have one of your dichroic necklaces and they are beautiful too. Hope you're having a good weekend. xx

~ Phyllis ~ said...

All of your hearts are so pretty. Each one is a delight.


Hello Carolyn, All your hearts are stunning and so very creative. You have such a talent for putting bits and pieces together to make a lovely piece of art. Hugs Judy

silverpebble said...

Carolyn, my heart is exquisite as are all the beautiful treasures you sent me. I am happy as a sand boy. Thank you so much!!

Sharne Gregory said...

I just love my heart, and though your photos are good, they do not do it justice. Happy stitching!

Doreen G said...

Carolyn your amazing parcel arrived this morning and I am dumbfounded at all the things that you have sent me.
I love all the purple bits and the Autumn tones as well.
And my little purple heart is truly gorgeous.
Thank you so much my friend I will try to do all these treasures proud as I create and use them.
Thank you- thank you so much.

A bird in the hand said...

You are a girl after my own heart.


Anonymous said...

So delicate and intricate and made with care.
never disappointed when spending time looking at your work. x

gunnelsvensson said...

You have been busy Carolyn! So much beautiful works you have done!!!!

Wildflowerhouse said...

These are fantastic. It is always a joy to come and read your posts. Sharon

libbyquilter said...

i agreee; as good as your photography is, to actually see my heart in "the cloth" is SUCH a treat~!!~ thank you ~ thank you ~ THANK YOU~!!~ your package was so hard to have to wait to open but what fantastic surprises were inside~!!~ i was very glad to have set aside some time to be able to look through all of the amazing art supplies and thouroghly enjoy the heart that you made especially for me. i have to confess that i took quite a long time~!~ and have gone back to enjoy the beautiful heart, threads, papers and beads over and over again. i think these wonderful bits are going to keep me busy for some time to come~!!~ and what a happy time it will be~!~

thank you again Carolyn for your incredible generousity; both within the package and also your generousity of spirit that i enjoy every time i visit your blogs~!!~


liniecat said...

WOW! Always a treat reading/viewing your blog Carolyn!

Anonymous said...

New to all this we are three from North Cornwall. Pat Wendy and Olwyn, The three muskateers in the textile world! Out to learn and absorb all new things. Love love love your work!! We were wondering if there was any chance of seeing it FOR REAL???? We are planning a day trip to St Ives in June and wondered if you have a studio, a shop a gallery space? anywhere we can really see your amazingly fabulous work??