"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Pretty pastels

Today my colours are the prettiest pastels in tones of chalky pink and plum. I love colour and I love prettiness and I also associate plum colours with Autumn time


Pretty things

Pretty ... pleasant in sight or other senses; pleasing by delicacy or grace

All credit goes to the wonderful and talented artists and photographers whose work is included here. Please click on the links to go to the artists' work

1. Flight2 2. Old Sewing Box 3. Inspired by Heather 4. 02 Collage start detail 5. Sara 6. NG351 - detail 7. When Atlantis fell 8. Judge it from the inside 9. Locavore 10. Pomegranate 11. MIXED MEDIA FABRIC ASSEMBLAGE ON WOOD PANEL Detail 12. Velvet brooch heart 13. Spinning 010

This is the mosaic I made for Mosaic Monday. I didn't get time to post it here on Monday as I've been away visiting family

The colours in the mosaic were inspired by piles of colour I have around me at the moment. I didn't go looking for these colours, I just noticed that unconsciously I was putting things to one side and that all the things looked nice together

The background pattern is a paper gift bag, pale taupe chiffon from Kirsty, pink raffia from Connie, sketchbook pages and tissue paper I painted. On top I arranged peeling tree bark and dried flower heads

Detail of dried flower heads

I arranged a strip of torn painted paper with pinky purple leaves, a dried pressed hebe flower, dried seed pods and a piece of red onion skin which I saved from my dyeing experiments

Dried pressed hebe

A small bundle of gorgeous Stef Francis threads in pink, gold, heather, plum and earth tones

Copper Leaves

I called my post today after these artists' soft pastels I bought recently. I chose them for the soft, gentle earthy tones of grey, palest grey with a hint of pink in it and pale damson. I love these tones. I photographed them with one of my moo cards of "Copper Leaves" so you can get an idea of the tones

This wonderful stitched postcard was a gift from Gunnel. It's so pretty and elegant. It combines all my favourite vintage tones of red, pink and plum. More about my lovely gifts from Gunnel in another post soon ...

Finally, this is one of my arrangements called "Rowanberry Jelly" which I made a few weeks ago. The drying hydrangeas were the loveliest dark burgundy red/plum with vintage touches

I've got just a couple more posts planned showing colour arrangements then I'm back to showing textile work and inspiration again. I have enjoyed looking closely at colour. Colour informs my work a lot, as well as texture and theme

I hope you may have been just a little inspired by the colour arrangements over the last couple of weeks ...

Carolyn ♥


~ Phyllis ~ said...

You have such a great sense of color.
I love all of those pinks and plums.
I find it very soothing to visit your blog and look at all the lovely pictures.

Cathie said...

I loooooooove copper leaves. Such a pretty and ethereal piece.

Julie said...

Beautiful card from Gunnel and such lovely subtle shades. Gorgeous!

qwerty said...

Beautiful! Such a peaceful, yet vibrant colour palette. Love these collages, and those pastels look really yummy!

JP said...

I just love those dusty pinky colours - very vintage - it is fantastic when something really makes you aware of all the suble shades there are like this post does - thank you

Pom Pom said...

There is so much fun to be had in arranging. I'm inspired. I'm going to remind myself to do this more!

Jacky said...

Loving these inspirational colour posts...always lovely to see how others put colours, textures etc. together.
Those hydrangea are wonderful, so deep in colour.

Jacky xox


Hello Carolyn, Love your pastel colors of Autumn. Your Rowanberry Jelly is very pretty and I love the Stef Francis threads which I have a bit of. Hugs Judy

Unknown said...

Just what I need was a little more PINK. I love this shade. Sooooooo peaceful. Thanks for the link. Too funny how calm yours is and mine is wild. Maybe, it's the PINK musich...he-he...

AeFondKis said...

love your 'Copper Leaves'....AND WEE MOO CARD!

Anonymous said...

Always love browsing your blog with a cuppa. You have a natural talent for putting colours together that work.
I see the fireworks from my window across the bay to Hayle. Not so many tonight for a bear to sit and see so he is curled up keeping warm.
xxkeep warm x

Unknown said...

Carolyn, You never stop inspiring me! Love the background and all the beautiful things you share...
Thank you!!