"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 22 March 2010


fresh air
a walk
through woodlands
snapping twigs
pale, sweet
a few grape hyacinths
tall and slender
friendly daffodils
in the warm sunshine
crocus yellow
and purple

a glimpse of the sea
through winter trees
bare of leaves
but budding

soft sand
a shell or two
seagull footprints
a legless crab
mussel blue
limpet white

a working harbour
fishing boats
rusty chains
rocks and stones
mossy ropes
sea glass green

cobble stones
a welcome Inn
real ale
hens, old
the speckled variety
a Cornish view
people watching
late afternoon's
cooling breeze


I've lost count of the number of times I must have photographed these views but they never cease to soothe me when I'm feeling frazzled and need time out. Today I needed time to breathe and time to think. It's been a perfect Spring day and I managed to work a few things out


Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh, Carolyn, so beautiful ...no wonder you go there when you are frazzled. I'd pretend I was over-the-edge daily....lol

Julie said...

Balm to the soul and I love your words too. I'm glad you found some time to think today. I shall look forward to your 'little plan'! :o) xx

filz-t-raum.ch said...

what a wonderful little village!!! and the colors of the sea are fantastic!!!
you are on a special place, you could be a very happy person!

sorry,my english is not good...

libbyquilter said...

hi Carolyn~!~
hope all is well.
the words and photos of this post certainly inspire me to enhale deeply and sit still for a second or two. thank you.


Sharne Gregory said...

Thank you for the lovely photo's, just what you need to feel cheered up in cold wet Essex!
I am looking forward to coming to Cornwall in the summer, to collect stones and takes loads of photo's. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I can practically smell the sea! Beautiful words and photos. I think we all need a little time out to be calm sometimes. Hope you feel refreshed.

JP said...

love the poem - just a picture in words

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

It's no wonder this place has been drawing artists for years! They say it's the light and you can really see it in your photos. Such a lovely corner of land.
Your words are beautiful and have totally made up for the dreichness that was today here in Fife : )

Sea said...

Have only visited once, briefly in 1975 or 1976. It is somewhere I would love to re-visit and spend more time in.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Beautiful writing Carolyn - your words conjure up such pleasant images! Lovely scenes - I can see why you photograph this place over and over.

K J D said...

perfect perfect perfect .... I feel calmer just looking at your photographs... it's grey and foggy here now and I am up early to go and do a BIG shop - but who cares. I can see catkins hanging on bare branches and birds sitting in trees.... spring is on its way... and I can visit you anytime here! Have a good day :)

Love Karenx

artymess said...

How lucky are you .......the perfect place to unravel yourself ...........Lorna

Jill said...

Your beautiful words and photographs are like a breath of spring air in themselves.

Cathie said...

You are such a poet of life!

ArtPropelled said...

You have no idea how badly I want to be right there, right now. It almost hurts!

Jensters said...

My favourite place, im sure ive commented somewhere else, maybe you have another blog.....as we where talking about Johnny Depp!! Im hopping to be in this neck of the woods in the beginning of May and cant wait....we stay in lelant.