"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Saturday 20 March 2010

Pebble colours

From my sketchbook a few samples looking more closely at the many colours that can be found in pebbles rocks and stones

I used layers of different textured fabrics stitched together in pebble colours of silver, grey, blue, stone, coral and brown. The chiffons on top were torn and then distressed with heat to get those bubbled textures

This is a collage of papers torn from a magazine ... picking out colours and patterns that resembed pebbles, torn in strips then woven into a grid

I used oil pastel and artist pen to highlight the edges

The next few pictures are details of the woven paper collage

This is such a fun and inspiring exercise and can be taken further by cutting the collage into pieces and re-arranging them or cutting into strips and re-weaving the strips to get further inspiration. I didn't do that here though

I might try this sometime by photocopying my pebble photos and weaving the strips

My next couple of samples were inspired by the colours in this denditric agate, a translucent pale blue/grey stone with dendrites (mossy coloured tree-like branching) which is also called the Tree Agate

The dendritic agate is known as the stone of plenitude and encourages abundance and fullness, enjoyment of life, creativity and personal aspiration. This is the page in my book. The agate was smooth, round and fairly flat so I was able to stick it in my sketchbook

The pebble on the left is just helping to keep my page flat. Looking at the agate I saw so many shades of silvery grey, dark grey, pale blue, darker navy blue, mossy beiges, mid and dark browns. I made a yarn wrap in these colours picking out textured yarns that reflected the branching patterns

The sample on the right was torn strips of magazine pages again arranged in a strip alongside the yarn wrap, some of which have pebble and rock textures, but paying attention to the "tones" of the pebble colours

These samples don't take very long to do and are inspiring

On the home front I'm having such a hectic time. I had to clear the loft space so one of the walls could be insulated and fireproofed. It took me a couple of whole days to move all the stuff ... and was very tiring! New "cottage style" doors are being fitted to the bedrooms and soon I will have to clear the bedroom so a new carpet can go down. It's a lot on top of trying to work on an art doll for a collaboration, keep up with challenges on RED plus usual home and work stuff ... but I'm looking forward to the morning I can get out of bed onto thick squishy carpet ... oh bliss!

Have a lovely weekend

Carolyn ♥


Cathie said...

I have been collecting rocks since I was a little girl. When we moved to Florida I started collecting shells. And now that I'm in North Carolina - I collect rocks and shells. I'm always looking "down." One thing I've noticed about the rocks (pebbles as you call them) in St. Ives - they are all so smooth so I'm guessing you find most of them near the water. Beautiful agate. (I do believe there are two "pebbles" traveling by sea as we speak! )

Joei Rhode Island said...

These really are inspiring,Carolyn. The colors are wonderful. I love how some colors you chose are body parts. We are related to the earth...it's in our very skin.

Abigail Thomas said...

That agate, i think it can be also called moss agate, but perhaps that is a different kind? lovley looking at all your sketchbook ideas.

Doreen G said...

Beautiful colours in your collage Carolyn--it seem like it is all go at your place.

PeggyR said...

Those are very interesting collages.

Caterina Giglio said...

life has a way of getting in the way of art!! these are such yummy colors and textures, love the pebble holding down the page. your agate is smashing!

artymess said...

The colours in the woven strips are fab.........Its an easy was of getting inspiration ....when I create I forget about these sort of processes .....maybe I ought to revisit as my colour palette is sometimes limited to my favourite colours and so I don't stretch myself.......Thanks for the inspiration

Julie said...

Love the weaving and the samples. What a good idea and I especially like the additions you made to the woven paper with oil pastels.

I don't envy you the upheaval but hopefully it will all be worth it when you have your lovely warm carpet.

JP said...

I love seeing into your sketch book - enjoy the squishy new carpet and don't get cream on it!!! like i do!

Anonymous said...

Once again had a inspiring journey through all your blogs, always something new to see. thankyou. xx Carol.

Robin Olsen said...

What fun color exercises, and they end up being beautiful little pieces on their own.

gerfiles said...

... for sure they are. There´s a wonderful balance here between playfulness + art... thanks...

Anonymous said...

Lovely post as always. Especially love the colours in your yarn wrap. Really gorgeous. And your woven collages are full of possibilities. What fun! Enjoy your new carpet - it sounds very sumptuous and almost makes it worth getting up in the morning by the sound of it! Have a great week. :)

Gina said...

Such inspiring sketchbook pages. Why do other people's sketchbooks always look so interesting.

ArtPropelled said...

Love this post! Love this blog!

Emily Ruth said...

You work is so inspirational!
I am a textile-artist from Leicestershire, and i'm still studying for my A-level in textile-art, and your work just makes me want to do so much more! It really is amazing!
How do you do so much?
The things you have done here with these pebbles are so simple, but so effective!
Do you have a studio? Because i would very much like to maybe come and see your work sometime? That would be so wonderful :)
Best wishes, Emily x