"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Saturday 17 April 2010

Erosion Bundle Project - Bundle 3

Erosion bundle project - placed bundle
Project started - 1st January 2010
Opening of bundle - 15th April 2010
Finished project - 1st August 2010

This bundle was placed on the surface of the ground at the foot of an evergreen fir tree amongst leaf mould. The foliage around it had grown up since I put the bundle there, I had to wade through it to get to the bundle

It probably had the most insect life in it (even more than the buried one, which surprised me!). There were many wood lice, spiders, flying lice thingies and centipedes. I was really glad of the latex gloves, I can tell you! Fortunately, the insects were only around the outer calico fabric and not inside the layers of papers

Inside, I added quite a variety of objects - various textured and printed papers, fabrics, text, seeds, pods, leaves, rusted objects and small pieces of madder root. I think this is my most favourite bundle because I got the most amazing patterns, colours and interesting layers in this one. Here are a few photos:

Small pieces of madder root left red dyes

Colour runs from a napkin

Red dye runs on textured papers

Rusted found objects

Rust marks that went through several layers of paper

Rust mark detail

Rust marks from an envelope brad

Coloured papers leaving their dye on fabric

Lots of interesting layers, bits n bobs

These pieces are going to look exciting in a book

Layers stuck together. I was unable to separate these, but the top layer is tissue paper over a crow shape printed with black stazon ink. Underneath, there is staining coming through from orange papers and on top there is an imprint from a leaf. I've got to say, these pages excited me the most! Thank you Mother Nature!

I'm planning to make an art journal of my experiments in the Erosion Bundle Project and, time permitting, possibly a three dimensional piece

A theme naturally developed in this bundle ... earthy reds from the madder roots, rusted browns, orange dyes and yellow leaves. This element of my book will be inspired by these colours


Sharne Gregory said...

What interesting patterns and colours, I couldn't so this project, I tried oding the killed catalogue with Maggie Grey, and when it came to do somwthing with the very dead book, I just couldn't touch it. It went straight in the bin. I shall look forward to seeing another lovely book developing using all these wondeful bits.

mano said...

this project is very fascinating - the different effects are great! I can't wait to see what you create with the wonderful things!

Judy Scott said...

incredible results and such different colours in each bundle Cant wait to see what you do with them all - Judy x

Sarah Payne said...

The rusting is brilliant! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!