"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Friday 6 April 2012

grey sea town

brrr brrr brrr
it's has been bitter cold here the last few days ... around 5°C
but with a wind chill factor it's felt freezing
and we've had blustery rain ... hailstones ... the lot!

so with the weather turning so cold again
it seems the right moment to share some things
from earlier in the year when it was wintery
and cold enough to snow ... but didn't

harbour lights
January started off lovely
I met up with my dear blog friend Julie, and her husband,
who came down to St. Ives for a week at New Year

we managed to meet up a couple of times in the week

the first time we had lunch of cheesy crumpets
lovingly prepared by Julie's DH
(which has become a bit of a custom for us now)
and then Julie and I had a walk
and went beachcombing in quite heavy rain

Julie found a lovely old bit of boat which she couldn't really justify taking home in her suitcase so she gave it to me
but it was hard to photograph

however, the boat piece has gone in one of the erosion bundles
so I may be able to photograph it later

the second time we met up at one of our faves galleries
The Millenium Gallery in Street an Pol

here are a few works of art that interested me
and that I most enjoyed

firstly, the inimitable style of Tim Shaw
Tim Shaw "Silenus"
this piece by Tim Shaw was made using
burnt paper and masking tape

with such fine details

and this is the work of artist Simon Allen

12 carat white gold on carved wood

beautiful lines
and forms that change shape
depending on the angle of view
so very interesting

I loved all the texture work on these paintings
such depth was achieved despite the pale pallette
my photos, of course, do not do this artists work justice

lovely textures on this one too

after our gallery visit, and to warm ourselves up from the January cold, we had toasted teacakes and a pot of tea here ...

and talked about the erosion bundle project which we agreed to do together on a seaside theme with our beach finds
seaweed and St. Ives inspired ephemera

once Julie got home she put together five erosion bundles in total and I managed three. Our bundles have been outside in our respective gardens since the first week of January and we have agreed to open our bundles on or around 1st May 2012

I will show some photos of mine ... next up ...

Westcotts beach

and then, once again, we braved the biting buffeting winds
to have a little walk in the harbour

also during January I made this heart for Sarah
it was a custom order for one of my seaside hearts
which came out in these soft greys
as I was in wintery mood

"grey sea town I know so well"
I really love the soft tones of a beach in winter

winter shells and an icicle dangly
my shop
I shall be listing new things over the weekend
and I have sets of my winter cards available too

... all year round ... I love the soft tones of winter whites

thank you for visiting me
I hope your weekend is a lovely one

I'll have "bundles" for you next time
Carolyn ♥


Genie said...

Beautiful work and inspiration.

Caterina Giglio said...

such gorgeosity... I love coming by your place with my morning tea, you inspire me so much dear one! xox

Corrine said...

Yum, yum, yummy textures. Thanks for sharing your tour about St. Ives with Julie, another lovely blog pal. That burnt paper sculpture is amazing, wow. And another lovely heart from you. xox

Gilli3684 said...

Lovely, as always! x

Julie said...

I love all the detail you've focussed in on from the Millenium Gallery exhibition. The heart is absolutely beautiful too. I really enjoy the gorgeous heart you made for me too:-) My erosion bundles have finally had a good soaking so I'm hoping that will have encouraged things to happen.

Carol Rigby said...

I love your heart the colour and textures are gorgeous.


Happy Easter Carolyn, I love all the photos of your "Gray Sea Town" and especially the most lovely Heart. I will look forward to seeing your erosion bundle goodies. Hugs Judy

Lynda Howells said...

happy eater. we had hoped to be down in St.Ives for easter but hubby still not good..heart wise. These imageas make me miss the place even more!!x glad you had a great time with your friendxx

ArtPropelled said...

Many interesting textures and images to contemplate and I'm wondering how the seaweed will react in your erosion bundles. I love your walks near the beach, the gallery visits and your St. Ives hearts. thank you!

mycuriousteaparty said...

I hope that it's going to warm up a bit... At last, I am my way for a visit... In just a few days. So excited...

Thank you for the introduction to the Millenium gallery it is now on our list..

sharon said...

Oh, I am drooling again at your stunning creativity and the gorgeous scenery, even if it's cold! Beautiful Carolyn!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love what you have done with the first photo Carolyn! Can't think how I managed to miss that Millennium Show? Thanks for sharing - adore those paintings. The weekend's coming up - have a good one. Lesley x