"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Tuesday 3 April 2012

life is full

since I last wrote we've had a really cold spell (Friday and Saturday)
brighter with some sun but still very chilly (Sunday and Monday)
today (Tuesday) it's overcast and grey one minute
and sunny and spring like the next ... quite typical for April

brrrrr ... such a rapid change in the weather and outlook

everything was very grey and really quite cold
as I walked down into town on Saturday morning

our exhibition finished Saturday
and so Jo and I met to dismantle our work

and then treated ourselves to tea and lemon cake
at Cafe Art in The Drill Hall
and admired the lovely textured paintings by Doris Lindemann
on the wall in Cafe Art

1-31 March 2012
much of her work features these blue and rust tones
which are very heavy with texture ...

I love them and find them very inspiring

I was glad to get home as it felt so cold to be out
and happily I spent the afternoon playing with textures
on those very boring grey photos at the top of this post

it's feels like ages since I had a moment to do this

I've added two textures to this one ...

it now features colours that are more pleasing to me
a few added birds and some pretty bokeh light on the horizon
now the sea is ethereal, wispy and ghostly

on the second one there is a big silvery moon
and the birds are more defined

♪ we were sailing along ♪♪

on moonlight bay
pretty bokeh lights lift this, otherwise grey and drab, scene
enhancing the ochre lichen on the rooftops
across St. Ives bay to Hayle and Godrevy

the time just flies when I'm playing textures

on Saturday evening I went to my friend Sally's open party
for her joint exhibition with her son Sam

Sally MacCabe "two flowers"

it was a pleasure to see Sam's work
which was interesting, quirky and very detailed
I loved his use of materials/media

Sam MacCabe "balaclava"

I adore Sally's work and bought her book of paintings
and to see so many friends in one place was really lovely

Sally MacCabe "half circle"

thanks for a lovely party Sally ♥

Sally MacCabe "MMXII"
I would highly recommend a visit to this exhibition
you can see some of Sally's and Sam's work here

Sally and Sam MacCabe
"Mother & Son"
The Crypt Gallery
1 - 6 April 2012

life is full just at the moment ...
I walked down to the Monday afternoon art class
at St. Ives Arts Club yesterday

we were using beads and jewellery for still life
and after a couple of more detailed efforts, my beads
inevitably turned into pebbles like rounded gemstones

it was very "freeing" just playing with colours and not
worrying about what it was going to be when it grew up

and I have another play day
tomorrow as Jo and I have our Crow Day
we are beginning a new project which I will share in May

before that ... I will be sharing some things I did in Jan/Feb
next up will be my erosion bundles

hope you have a lovely week ahead
Carolyn ♥


Cathy Cullis said...

A lot of inspiration here, Carolyn, makes me think I've just been the seaside:) I can dream..... lovely always - have a good week xx

Deborah said...

so much loveliness to look at

Sandies' Patch said...

Blimey, no dull moments apart from the weather down there!
The painting that turned into pebbles, looks like a seaglass necklace...imagine finding the glass to make one?!

I hope the rest of the week keeps you busy and out of mischief!


Sandie xx

gunnelsvensson said...

Thanks for sharing all these lovely shots from your workd!

Corrine said...

All sounds wonderful. Love the textures and the birds flying over St. Ives. Sally McCabe's work is quite stunning and her son's is too. Thanks for sharing friends with us. xox

Julie said...

Sally and Sam's work is phenomenal and the contrast between the two is striking. Thank you for showing Doris's work too, I love all the texture she uses. Talking of textures your photos are very atmospheric and an improvement on the original scene, not that I don't like St Ives in all its guises! xx

Julie said...

Carolyn , when I look at your photo's I don't see gloomy grey days. I see amazing texture and the 'feel' of the turbulent seas. What an inspiring place to live!. x Julie

Loralei said...

Sounds like a great time; I love the artwork that you've shared - such fabulous textures and colour pallets!! Thanks for this wonderful post!

stephanie said...

the weather has been rather random, not easy with 2 little ones to entertain! they have been with me on my adventures to capture the sites around where we live. I was hoping to head down to porthminster beach this week but may have to pack a raincoat rather than suncream!
Gorgeous images, looking forward to seeing the erosion bundle, i did think of making one myself using scaps of stuff laying around and pieces of coal, something to add to my industry project.

Barb Cady said...

Love what you have done to the photographs. St Ives looks wonderful to me even when it's grey! Glad you are playing after all your hard work. Xx

Pom Pom said...

Hi Carolyn!
Oh, St. Ives is so lovely even on a gray day!

Dianne said...

This is the most inspiring and pretty blog I have seen in ages. Thank you for sharing your part of the world so beautifully.

Mary Harding said...

Love all the pics you shared thanks for doing this podt. I could feel the sand under my feet I wanted to walk there so much. Cool.