"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday 31 March 2013

winter through jar light

towards the end of January ...
I was particularly aware of the tone of winter light
a soft greying mauve ... of a late afternoon
no matter the time of day ...

driving in snow in Manchester

and towards the end of January ...
I was in Manchester for a very sad family occasion
far too soon after losing my own Dad

snow in Manchester is always very nostalgic for me
for it reminds me of my childhood days
 growing up with special and very close cousins
when every single winter holiday it snowed without fail

it's the reason I love snow and snowflakes so much ...
driving in driving snow

 and there was a beautiful winter light ...

in the skies
in the trees
in my studio
and in my jars

week 2 of the jar project
30th January 2013

twinkle lights always cheer ... don't they
I've had mine on a lot lately!

the twinkle of fairy lights add a little magic to my display
of pebbles and fossils
and things on my studio windowsill


 for week 2 of the jar project ...
I used one of my own photos of St. Ives harbour
curved round inside the jar for distortion and then I
wrapped some iridescent snowflake garland around the photo
and around the top of the jar to finish

it made quite a delicious little piece ... which I'm still enjoying


 I'm really enjoying the jar project this year ...

it's a weekly photographic project that
explores refraction, reflection, distortion, opacity
light, bokeh, colours, textures and subject matter
through the medium of a glass jar or vessel

what was meant to be a "moment in art"
turned into something I will enjoy for a while ...
sitting amongst my pebble and fossil collections

as often happens ...
the colours inspired a mosaic

winter light


week 3 of the jar project
6th February 2013

I began by experimenting with some acorn cups I'd found
that were brown with a soft pinkish hue
the soft light in the jar was amazing

these were photographed at Mum's
on a very wintry day

 this jar is called "projects"

it represents the way I often combine projects ...
sitting the jar on my "wreck this journal" project
in which I'm working my way through the prompts

I love the light and wintry tones
the soft reflections in the glass and
the opacity of the delicately embroidered flower

 and looking through the jar at the changing winter sky
of dark clouds and a peep of sunlight ...

a jar perspective

winter trees through jar light

with soft reflections

it's a beautiful world seen through a jar

why not have a go ...

place an object of your choice in an old jam jar
(nothing fancy needed here for this project!)
photograph it from different angles through the glass

notice the distortion and refraction
notice the way light, edges and shapes change

lay the jar on it's side
or photograph your object through the bottom of the jar

hold the jar up ...
and photograph your backdrop through the jar

fill your jar up with water ...
how does that affect your viewpoint ...

is your jar reflecting light from your environment?
record what you see and how it makes you feel

photograph, draw or collage a shape from your jar ...
there are many directions this project may take

inspire yourself ...

"the winter ended"

and then finally ... the winter ended

this is a textile art heart I made for my shop recently
the final wintry white one for quite a while

I loved stitching this one with melted sheers and crisp white satins
silver snowflakes, clear Swarovski crystals and other seed beads
layered over silver fabrics


I was pleased with the layers ...

the look I was trying to achieve was one of snow piled up in drifts

to finish I added a very pretty Swarovski crystal heart

I'll be back again soon ...
I'm spring cleaning this weekend
housework, windows, garden ...

the flowers and daffodils are blooming
the birds think it's spring
they are very busy to and fro with nesting materials

the clocks went forward in the early hours
and it's now British Summer Time ... hurrah!
now all we need is some warm sunshine
have a great weekend x


Lynn Holland said...

What a lovely gentle trip through winter Carolyn. I could feel your move through sadness to recovery. You captured our white winter beautifully with your stitched heart.
I received one of your winter cards off Mo in Scotland this week. It's a small world this big Internet one.
Happy Easter
Lynn xx

Barb Cady said...

Beautiful post Carolyn, I'm quite taken with the jar photographs, I must have a go although my photography skills do not equal yours! I'm imagining you taking the jar to the seas edge in the summer! I agree about the colours in the last of the winter light, fabulous! Xx


Thanks Lynn - recovery is ongoing but Dad loved everything I did and took a great interest so I hold that dear in my heart ♥

Thanks Barb - precious words from you and yes I'm sure St. Ives will be captured in a jar lol. I'm also planning to send a message in a bottle out to sea - that could be potentially interesting ♥


Hello Carolyn, I love all your lovely photos. But I especially LOVE your Winters End Heart. Have a lovely Easter and here hopefully will finally arrive with a wee bit of Warmth with it. Hugs Judy

ParisMaddy said...

What a fun project. Visiting your blog is like a jar full of twinkle lights---I leave filled up with smiles.

Joyeuses Pâques. Happy Easter.

teri said...

I loved the picture with the grey wintry sky. Your blog posts are lovely. The jar project has piqued my interest.

Joe Pitcher said...

Really engaging work again. The photography is in itself beautiful, as well as the work.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic jar photos.....the drama of the blues and purples in that first photo, swoon. xox

Jo McIntosh said...

Hi Carolyn, love seeing the results of your jar photographs, particularly as I have present when you have taken some of the photos.

Indianna said...

Looks very chilly, great photos as usual x

Unknown said...

hi again, would it alright if you comment on my blog again. Ive added more work onto itt. please.