"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 6 May 2013

something lovely ...

just popping by to let you know about a giveaway
that my lovely friend Viv is having over at Hens Teeth Art

of course I am hoping to win this beautiful needlecase myself ;o)
but thought I'd share the love with you all

I'll be back here soon ... 
I have my Mum staying with me for a little holiday :o)


TwinkleToes2day said...

Thank you for sharing Carolyn.
Viv's work is super cute and really lovely. I hope you win this pretty needle-case :0) Mo x

Sondra Borrie said...

thank you for sharing this! so lovely!

hens teeth said...

I am having lots of lovely visits to my blog...thanks to you dear C. Thank you xxx

Anonymous said...

It is so very kind of you, Carolyn, to share this when you'd love it yourself! As above, I do hope you win the truly beautiful needlecase,
lots of love, Anna and Princess Tamara Crow,x
p.s. wrote to you some time ago with many thanks for BEAUTIFUL parcel but don't know if you received this. Wrote from my new email address - I've now forgotten the address and password so am back to my old email address!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

You outdid yourself...Nice post Too!

Please check out my ART Blog at:

Jeans Manufacturers said...

Wao its fabulous thanx for sharing this master piece :) Nice piece of creation.

https://tastytextiles.blogspot.com/ said...

Hello Carolyn, it's Gilli here and I hope I'm identified! You'll know what I mean ;-)