"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 9 February 2015

art challenge day 1 - St. Ives and it's many moods

I've very kindly been invited by five other artists on facebook and twitter
to take part in the art challenge that is going around at the moment
I am supposed to share old work for five days and nominate other artists to take the challenge.  As, I believe, the art challenge began while I was taking my break ... I have no idea who has already taken part in the challenge already ... so I'm going to say if you would like to take part feel free to share your old work on facebook.  I will be sharing mine on my facebook page if you would like to follow along
last evening the idea came to me to share some old work in the form of a mosaic
so here we are ... and all images are my own
this one is inspired by the many aspects of St. Ives that I love

also sharing today a couple of little mixed media collages
a melancholy for sand dunes and dreaming of childhood holidays

and this one is inspired by the lighthouse on Smeaton's pier, St. Ives

have a very happy Monday ♥


Virginia said...

lovely work, I found the FB art challenge quite an interesting journey, looking back on past work. Enjoy!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I always find the colours in your work to be unique to you - and here I can definitely see the influence of your surroundings. So pretty!