"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday, 4 September 2016

end of summer blues ...

a very rainy "cosy up indoors" sort of weekend ...
and I had a little time to finish going through my summer photos

I've been having a few catch up posts here recently
and this is the last one before I turn it back into a mainly textiles blog
so this post is full of lovely reminders of time spent with friends
and grateful thanks for real and online friendships

and you may notice there is a bit of a blue thing going on ...

clouds and blue light over Mounts Bay

it's been a very busy "fun" summer
I haven't been out of Cornwall since May but have instead
been enjoying local places, occasions, visitors, family and friends
taking time out from work to recover from illness and stress of life

always there is time in St. Ives and Mousehole ...
always the best of both worlds

blue shimmer on Porthminster beach St. Ives

and quiet time to work in my sketchbook for the show
playing with and using up bits and pieces from erosion bundles

this rusty image is of St. Nicholas chapel on the Island St. Ives
it came out of my January erosion bundle and I've since waxed it to preserve the rust

it is timely ...

I stuck it in my sketchbook on the day my dear friends
renewed their wedding vows in St. Nicholas Chapel on what we call "the Island"

Julie has been my blog friend since 2008 and I call her my very first "blind date"
as she was the first blog friend I ever met up with all those years ago
I also met her DH at that time ...
he is a keen photographer and has become a very good friend too

ever since, we have met up several times each year
either when they are visiting Cornwall or at Festival of Quilts

all those years later, they invited me to share their special day
and I went along with my very good friend Margaret
(who I also, initially, met through blogging before she moved to Cornwall)

it was such a gorgeous day ... hot hot hot blue skies
reflecting in turquoise waters
and casual colour co-ordinated outfits

my dear friends Julie and Stewart
23 June 2016
I've never been inside the iconic Chapel before
and it was a squeeze to get all the guests into such a tight space
this was funny and lightened some very emotional (but happy) moments
(good job I took a hanky!)

Julie put so much thought into the planning of their day
including weaving this very special piece to hold their wedding rings
and act as a symbol of handfasting
so I am honoured to now have this special ring weaving as a gift

Julie and Stewart renewed their vows as part of their 10th wedding anniversary celebrations
and as the tenth is tin ("tinth") ... Margaret and I made a gift of some tin from Cornwall

tin is not mined in Cornwall anymore and this little tin mine
was crafted from some of the last tin reserves from the South Crofty Mine

as it turned out, Julie and Stewart had been on some
Poldark/tin mine tours while down on holiday in St. Ives
so hopefully our gift will also remind them of their special time in Cornwall

oh and did I slip his name in there conveniently ... (Poldark)
might be because  it's he's on my mind that he's back on the telly this evening
(Sunday 4th September)
I'll be watching ... for the stunning Cornish scenery of course ;o)

more blues ...
here I am drying Julie's flowers from her bouquet
the sea thistles are hanging in my studio ... a lovely reminder

as I went to get my flower pressing book ... these fell out ...
the sea holly is drying out nicely ... and the blues are still strong

studio glimpses

just a few days later Julie and Stewart came over to see me in Mousehole
it was another rainy day when I met them at the bus stop
so we dived into Jessie's Dairy for a big steamy cup of coffee
before dodging the huge rain blobs up to my house for lunch

because of being unwell I haven't been able to get around the galleries as much as I used to
and I missed seeing this exhibition at The Crypt Gallery, St. Ives
so I was delighted when Julie made a gift to me of this gorgeous ceramic bowl

the artist is David Brown

now my bowl sits with the lovely barnacled shell Julie also gave me

later ... it brightened up and we went for a walk ...
we messed about in puddles ... and picked up shells on the beach
and made more memories until the next time!
a really lovely day - it was great to spend time with you both!

a poster spotted on a lamp post in Mousehole - The Tyler Gallery 

this summer The Jubilee Pool on the seafront at Penzance
has featured a lot in local news lately
and has been the subject of a number of artworks I've seen about locally
to raise funds for essential refurbishment work after the storms of 2014
battered the sea front and caused a lot of structural damage

another hot July day ...
and a walk through the woodlands of Trengwainton Gardens
followed by afternoon tea and cake at Lamorna Cove with my DH

over the summer we had a lot of tall ships and sailing boats come into the bay

I love seeing these boats in the bay
and creating magical scenes with layers and bokeh
I mean ... could this actually be the Black Pearl out in the bay... {swoon}
or perhaps this might have been one of Captain Poldark's ships ...

I call this one "evening sail"

a lot of sail boats and old luggers come to Mousehole
for the biennial maritime Sea Salts and Sail Festival held in Mousehole harbour
and this year it took place 8 - 10 July

we had such an amazing time sitting on the pier all weekend listening to live music
sampling the Cornish ales, watching the live cookery lessons and eating kippers

my absolute favourite local band is The Odd Folk
they had everyone up and dancing on the cobbles
an added bonus was that I got to do gyotaku printing with Hayley from Porthmeor Studios
this is my inky fish ...
inked up with squid ink and getting ready to take a print

I was rather pleased with my print of a baby squid
during August The Man Engine toured the far South West
and we got to see him Penzance on 5th August

did you see this on the news?
this is the largest mechanical puppet ever made in the UK
created to celebrate mining history and the "tinth" anniversary of our World Heritage Status
he was truly an awesome creation and  a sight to behold

15th August and my fun summer continued with a trip to the pictures to see
the magical BFG and family film Pete's Dragon with my best friend Jo

we were the only ones in the cinema on what was probably the hottest day of the year!

  The BFG has to be the most magical film I have seen in a long time
and we enjoyed the double bills so much it will probably turn into an annual event
(going to see the kids films during the school holidays)

Jo and I have quite a few event days now ...
the annual trips to Wingham Wools, Camborne College and other College art shows
Creative Stitches, Christmas Range Day and twice monthly Crow Days
plus all the other stuff we managed to cram in

it's no wonder there's been less time for working this year ...

talking of work ... I have actually been producing quite a lot of textile snippets
and getting ready for my show with St. Ives Textiles
as I mentioned earlier ... the focus here will soon turn to art and textiles once more
inspiration, gallery visits, sketchbook work, techniques and tutorials

I think it's done me good to have a break this year
as I've been blogging for 8 years on and off

"St. Ives in Textiles" runs from 17 - 24 September 2016
Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St. Ives

and once "St. Ives in Textiles" ends on the 24th September
my thoughts will turn to bead making and dyeing fabric and threads
putting together creative textile packs and supplies for "Stitch St. Ives"

"Stitch St. Ives"
26 and 27 November 2016

creative work exploring colour and texture

the poster ...

thank you always for reading my ramblings
I hope you will pop by and enjoy more mixed media, art and textiles in future
thank you  ♥


Carol Rigby said...

I was thinking of you tonight while I was watching Poldark. I seem to remember that you were a fan. I watch it for the same reason as you. The scenery of course. Beautifull post.

Erica said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your beautiful textile art, your stunning photographs, the almost overwhelming beauty of where you live, your precious friendships. Thank you.

Lynn Holland said...

Carry on rambling Carolyn its wonderful to have you back. Your photography is better than ever and how I wish I could make the exhibition
Blogland has given so many of us some true friendships over the years, like pen friends did before the internet
Lynn xxx

Penny said...

Love having your ramblings back and your stitching.

Sandies' Patch said...

Wonderful post, full of eye candy to mixed media fans and Poldark fans lol!
Enjoy the show.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Of course blue is my favorite color so I loved this post! Too many amazing bits of eye candy to ooh over so will simply say I loved it all (and congratulations to your friends).

Angie Willis said...

How lovely to hear from you again - your blogs are some of the ones I look forward to most. Your photos are beautiful and atmospheric as always and your stitchery amazing. I have just completed a disastrous woven tapestry and it looks like we're going to miss out on a house we've fallen in love with in Wales so I'm a bit woebegone (never used that word before :-)) and your blog helped to cheer me up a little.
Love and blessings

Robin Olsen said...

What a delight to settle into one of your posts with my morning cup of coffee. I sometimes think I'm jaded from looking at too many photographs these days, then yours show up and thrill me every time. That ship at night--wow! Looking forward to seeing your textile works reappear. Thank you for never failing to add a little delight to my days.

martha brown said...

Wow! so much to read about and look at! That ceramic bowl is just gorgeous! and your baby squid print is wonderful! I wish that I was there to see the St Ives in Textiles exhibit. I'm hoping to visit England next summer. ... so maybe I will actually be able to see St Ives, at least!