"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday 20 September 2009

Autumn Leaves

Recently, I did a textile art swap with Cathie Clevelandgirlie and I was so delighted with the wonderful piece Cathie made especially for me

Cathie didn't have an easy time with it and I love this piece all the more for that, for the love and thoughtfulness that went into it!

I have been waiting for the right time to show you. I wanted it to be nearer to Autumn time, but I cannot wait any longer

First of all, I want to show you the lovely extra goodies that Cathie showered me with, all in shades of "St. Ives" Blue and Copper and very soon I will show how I have used some of these treasures!

Lovely fabrics hand painted
dyed, melted and sewn by
Cathie, threads, sequins,
angelina fibre fabric
that Cathie had made,
stitched sheer fabric,
angelina fibres,
a lovely leaf button,
other gorgeous buttons
in aqua and copper
and a cute little inchie

Click on the picture
to see it larger!

My parcel came beautifully and lovingly wrapped in gold tissue paper

tied with tags made from lovely copper leaves and fibres

and this is the wonderful piece of textile art that she sent me in the colour and theme I asked for

"Autumn Leaves"

The base is artist canvas layered with wool, yarn, silk rovings, lame bits, silk dupioni bits, metal mesh, scrim and other fibres, covered with organza, stitched then heated with a heat gun. The leaves were bought as a base. Cathie applied a piece of dryer sheet (similar to scrim) painted with metallic paints and cut to loosely cover each base leaf (which is only there for stability) and then free motion stitched the veins on top of the painted dryer sheet

Look at all the wonderful layers, textures, metallic shimmeriness and wealth of machine stitching, hand stitching and beaded detail. I am truly blessed to own this beautiful piece of textile art which she made especially for me

The hanger is a branch from an oak tree which Cathie sanded down and stained. Perfect for this leaf hanging

Her work is exquisite and I just keep looking and looking at it and seeing more and more detail

Look at those tiny beads

There is so much texture in the background layers of this piece it reminds me of tree bark

Cathie left the edges unfinished/organic which I really like because nature is raw!

Isn't it wonderful?

Cathie added a thoughtful touch on the back of the piece. These are special words and Cathie signed it for me

I feel blessed to have Cathie as such a good friend and I am honoured to have a piece of her beautiful work in my home



Julie said...

You are right Carolyn, it is an exquisite piece of work. Beautiful and delicate and I love the extras too. Very lucky you :o)

Julie said...

PS I like your new background and badges.


Thank you Julie

Cathie's Leaves are precious!

I know Autumn is only just beginning but I was ready for a change!

Anonymous said...

Taking 5 mins rest from autumn sorting and finding the heater in my studio in the garden. What a pleasure to see this wonderful piece of work. As I was tidying I was thinking of those leaves you did as a demonstration and going to have a go. Want a pleasant way to spend having a rest and will be back for a more appreciative look. Byee Carol x

Pom Pom said...

Wowie Zowie! You artists are unbelievable! I marvel at your original works! I have a love of sticks found everywhere and I may have to create a little "hanging" of my own to attach to some of mine. Beautiful! Beautiful! I just wish more humans could gaze at this kind of beauty, more often. Wouldn't it greatly contribute to our sense of hope and well-being?

Unknown said...

Wow. What a great swap and nice job.

I'm just noticing the smiling cat to my right on the background... Too cute for words....

Jacky said...

Incredible detail in this gorgeous art work from Cathie....no wonder you were over the moon. Those copper leaves are truly amazing!

Beautiful art goodies too, cant wait to see what you create with those.

Jacky xox

Barbara M said...

What a beautiful swop to receive! I know that something which has so much effort and love in it, will be a treasured piece for many years to come!

Anonymous said...

I have been browsing your site and it is amazing, you use such lovely colours and so full of ideas, I feel I spend more time dozing and thinking than getting on with some creativity; I find it so easy to gaze at other people`s work than my own.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Extremely inspirational :) <3

Sandra Rowney said...

Beautiful work, great ideas.