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~ Picasso

Saturday 10 October 2009

Autumn berries - knitting

I always feel like knitting at this time of year

My most recent purchase was this gorgeous Colinette Point 5 yarn. The shade is called "Summer Berries" but I think the blackberry and golden pink plum shades are more appropriate to early Autumn time and should be called "Autumn Berries"

There are even touches of gold, brown, orange and leaf green mixed in. Yes, it's definitely an Autumn scarf

I knitted a long loopy scarf from a Colinette knitting pattern. The loops were made by wrapping the yarn round my thumb before knitting into the stitch

The yarn twists and turns and changes colour

This was all the wastage I got from 100g. It's not really wastage either as the yarn is 100% wool so I will use these ends in felt making

We have Autumn sunshine in St. Ives
Have a lovely weekend :o)


Cathie said...

What a sweet little loopy scarf. I love it - the color(s) (my favorites), and the loopiness. Looks like it was fun to make. How cute this is going to look on you.

Annie said...

Just gorgeous colours :-) A x

Pom Pom said...

Wow! YOU KNIT, TOO? You are amazing! The yarn is delicious - makes me want a mouthful of blackberries! We have snow today in Denver so I am taking my tea by candlelight and enjoying the show before I begin cleaning and preparing for some Australian house guests. LOVE hearing from you, oh creative one! xoxoxo pom pom

Julie said...

Luscious scarf Carolyn!

Ann Christy said...

Gorgeous colours! I love Colinette yarns - have you ever been to their shop near to Welshpool - it is an obligatory stop for us when we go on our annual holiday to Pembrokeshire - the first time I went I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! Put it on your list of places to visit - I can well recommend it.

ewa-christine said...

So very nice......I love it!!

Sharne Gregory said...

Love the colour Colinette that you chose, it says Autumn to me too.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Awesome scarf Carolyn! What yummy colors and texture. Well worth the extra effort of making that loop before each stitch!