"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 12 October 2009

Autumn riches

The rich colours of Autumn

1. Philamina 2. Dyepot on Saturday 3. "Something to smell ..." 4. Untitled 5. morado 6. Moras 7. velvet laid on roving 8. Dyed speilsau yarn 9. Autumn berries 10. Handmade bird card 11. Leaf felt brooch 12. red and orange bokeh 13. an image created with the woodcut my husband made

Thank you to all artists whose work is featured - created for Mosaic Monday

We have such a warm, sunny and bright Autumn day. I am looking forward to a walk with my "gathering bag" this afternoon


Unknown said...

Love these colors... And just a little comment to say that you won the Halloween card set on my blog! Would just need your adress so I can ship them to you :-) Here is my email adress:

filz-t-raum.ch said...

what wonderful autumncolors!!!
have a nice day.

Pom Pom said...

Hi C!
I love the button armed friend with her wise old face and I always love black birds (big and small!) Thank you for putting together such a nice mosaic! I hope you had a nice weekend, had a bit of time to relax, and create.

Lynn Cohen said...

Cool collage!

Annie said...

Really fab colours. What a beautiful collection. A x

Anonymous said...

Nice mosaic! Hope you enjoy your walk and find some lovely "treasures"

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Love those colors.

Julie said...

Great collage Carolyn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,
I love the way you put the mosaics together. We are having some wonderful october days hope they last a little longer.
I had a good time away and enjoyed the Sewing and Knitting in London. Always get a feeling to make a witch in October so busy with the needlefelting. Bye from Carol

imac said...

Nice work and very colourful, not to mention very pretty, love it.

Jeana Marie said...

Hi Carolyn - I love this mosaic, especially the figure in the middle - it poses so many questions!

thanks for your encouraging comment, it really means so much to me. xo

Sharne Gregory said...

Hi carolyn, Thank you for your kind wishes. I had a lovely day.

AeFondKis said...

delightful and fruity harvest of art!
Love it Carolyn!
Linda x