"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Wednesday 5 February 2014

I must go down to the sea ...

recently I've been enjoying catching up with both my blogs and doing quite nicely
so long as it's bit by bit ...  slowly sharing a mix of old and new

in January I had a Crow Day with Jo
always a lovely day playing and developing ideas

we decided to have a go at the paper bead making tutorial
from an issue of Cloth Paper Scissors but when we saw the list
of expensive materials, we didn't already have, we decided to improvise a little

so, papers were gathered ...

mainly recycled magazine pages, paper bags and wallpaper samples
plus some hand painted papers (always lots of those in the stash)
and set about cutting, rolling and sticking ...

 I made my beads untapered in a variety of lengths
but ensured that I had something of interest at the end of the papers
before I rolled the paper up, gluing with PVA as I rolled,
and always leaving a bit to spontaneity

so I ended up with these patterns and images around my beads
which gave me a particular idea (with a St. Ives theme) I must pursue soon 

and that had me thinking about this idea too ... 

that I could roll some plain paper beads and collage on them afterwards
which is how I got that image of the girl with the very long legs
on that very long bead ... which measures nearly six inches

they're not finished yet ... I need another play morning
where I will roll more beads and dabble with paints and micro beads
oh ... and they also need to be varnished/sealed for durability
but the possibilities are endless!!

Mousehole inspirations at:   Love Stitching Red

over the last few weeks I've been very busy stocking my etsy shop
and have been grateful for many sales and custom orders

I thought I would share this heart which is now on it's way to a new home

it's called "on the beach"

stitched using real limpet shells from the harbour beach
with silk, vintage lace and watery textures

and finished with a silver grey winter shell
found on the beach at Mousehole

"Polperro" by Sanderson

and next I'd like to share these inspirations from Indianna
"Indie" is my dreamer friend from Cornwall
(I met her and her hubby when they came to my show in November)

Indie sent me these gorgeous fabrics that are "ruined seconds"
(I can't remember where she said they came from ... I will ask her!!)
they have dye runs and misprints but I think they are fabulous just the way they are!!
so inspirational ...

I made a swatch card from them
 the fabrics feature peacock feathers
but they remind me of the sea and the beach

I'm going on my memories a bit as I haven't been to the beach for weeks
(the weather has been so stormy so I'm staying home cosy stitching)

 I must go down to the sea ... soon ... I miss it so much

meanwhile I'm making something for Indie inspired by those lovelies
but I can't share it here until Indie has received it ...
but soon I hope to ...


Lynette (NZ) said...

Lucky you with the fabric - I love the peacock feathers. You will make delicious creations I'm sure. Don't know if I told you that my friend Philippa bought some of your beads and made earrings for a Christmas present. So I now have gorgeous earrings from both of you.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

LOVE the post!
The beads are awesome.

Carol Rigby said...

Beautiful beads, beautiful fabrics and beautiful pics of Cornwall. Ooooh! and a beautiful heart too.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Heavenly heart, fabulous fabrics & photos & beautiful beads :o) xx

Chyfey said...

LOVE the post ,LOVE the beads,LOVE the fabric and LOVE the heart.
? could you make the beads from fabric scrapes…..

PetraB said...

Your post is so lovely. It reminds me that art and craft is really about playing and that we should make time for it. The results can be so inspiring. I love your paper beads. They look great, and your heart is so beautiful.

WendyK said...

Just love the heart. The beads are great, and the fabrics and photographs really inspiring. Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Did you get my E-mail ?

Indianna said...

Oh Carolyn.... Your right I'm a dreamer and a drifter, I never get anything done, but I have big ideas. I knew you would find some inspiration in those fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with them..... And now I'm stalking the postman x

Linda Vincent said...

Fantastic post Carolyn; love it all. The colours in the last photo are stunning. Going back for another look....


Hello Carolyn, Glad to see you posting some of your lovely creations. OH, how I love to see photos of your wonderful St. Ives. I hope you are doing well in your lovely town. I think of you often.. Hugs Judy