"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 28 August 2017

Surface Treatment Workshop - weeks 20, 21 and 22 - mini landscapes

Quite a few weeks ago now I began creating some painted backgrounds and collages for experiments with glazing mediums for week 20 of the Surface Treatment Workshop.  I shared these backgrounds in my post called "the joy of colour".  Since then, I have worked into my small paintings and also painted around the collage.

I rather like glazing medium ... it has become a new staple product in my studio.  I love how it mixes easily with acrylics to extend the paint and create a beautiful transparency.  It is a lovely way of layering colour and texture without losing beautiful and interesting layers beneath.

This is my painting after adding the glazing medium mixed with a little copper "interference".

The glazing medium is very versatile.  I embossed some mesh textures in the glaze before creating a series of paintings in my sketchbook inspired by the Cornish coast and from my imagination.

"a day at the beach" - detail of texture

"dark blue hill"

"purple landscape"

"the quiet place"

inspired by the Cornish coast

small landscape

I used glazing medium mixed with rusty iron particles to create texture.

And discovered that a dab of glazing medium on the end of a paintbrush is perfect for applying silver leaf.

a touch of silver

I love the glazing medium so much I used it for "embedding" book bindings and other textures into my small collages and paintings for week 21.

"two piers"

I also used the glazing medium in week 22 for the prompt of "pours" which was exploring runs and drips with paint. 

The glazing medium "watered down" my acrylic drips and because it is transparent it helped the paints to blend beautifully

Our next prompt (for Wednesday) is playing with shaving foam creating marbled patterns etc. so that sounds fun and I'm currently very busy finishing off new work for exhibition with St. Ives Textiles.  New textile work will include framed pieces, the seaside and Cornish beach hearts that I love to make, cards and my sketchbooks.  I will also have my Surface Treatment Workshop books at the show on the days that I will be attending which are:

Monday 11 September 2017
Saturday 16 September 2017

Porthmeor Studios (St. Ives School of Painting)
Back Road West, St. Ives, Cornwall, TR26 1NG

It would be lovely to see some of you at the show ... please come and say hello.


Angie Willis said...

Lovely work, as usual :-) Oh how I wish I was near enough to visit and say hi. We'll shortly be moving from the south east to Wales. Not sure if that's any nearer though :-(

Julie said...

Lovely textures, Carolyn. You've inspired me to bring some bits and bobs to make some collages with while we're down and also some paints, although I may have to shop in the Oxfam shop for some extra supplies ;-)

Evelyn said...

A lovely collection of samples!

Carol Rigby said...

Such beautiful samples Carolyn. I love the drips with the glazing fluid. I so enjoy seeing your work on this project. I would love to visit the exhibition. If only I didnt live so far away. I hope you will share some pics . Especially of your Cornish beach hearts. They are so beautiful.

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Gorgeous colors and textures. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers! Patti

Debbie said...

Love all these colours and textures

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh how I wish I could come to the show!! I would love to see your work in person because, amazing as it looks on the computer monitor, I expect it would be worlds more interesting for real.