"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Saturday 31 January 2015

where emeralds grow

I've finished titivating the six mini, allotment inspired, abstract landscapes
and I thought I might share one a day over the next six days
(Saturday to Thursday)
this one is called "the emerald allotment"

the base consists of a stiff Vilene layered with torn papers and cut and ripped fabrics
distressed papers and hand painted papers are perfect for this technique
(use your gelli plate samples)
after securing the pieces (I will explain on Saturday)
more colour can be added with paints, oil pastels, gilding flakes etc.
then use your sewing machine or hand stitches to further secure the pieces
you do all that before cutting up your piece to make smaller pieces to work on ...

the emerald allotment has pieces of silk and hand dyed fancy yarns
metallic organza, a bit of old cross stitch of a bee hive
papers painted with gold acrylics, little pieces of fabric
and some "emerald" jewels ripped from an old top I had

I love close up photos of stitched details
you can see the zigzag machine stitching (variegated metallic thread)
french knots, gold stitches and beads
the metallic textures near the "emeralds" are gilding flakes glued on and burnished
really ... you can use just about anything you wish on your pieces
so long as you can secure it on with glue or stitch
this is where doing things in order is important
and here is it ... finished I think!
(knowing when it's finished is instinctive but very personal)

I've been thinking about offering a little tutorial on this abstract technique
which is suitable for beginners upwards and has endless possibilities
the technique is a lot of fun because you work on one abstract piece
and then cut it up into as many little pieces as you wish
at the end ... the pieces are suitable for framing or stitching to small canvases
or can be made into art cards or glued in your sketchbook
on Friday I will give a list of materials to gather
ahead of the tutorial which I hope to post next Saturday
tomorrow ... "the beekeeper's allotment"


https://tastytextiles.blogspot.com/ said...

I love this piece and I'm looking forward to what else 'grows' in your allotments over the coming week

chrissie said...

This is very beautiful-made me want to touch it there are so many wonderful textures.

Love Chrissie

Zue said...

This looks just like how my allotment sometimes looks.
It is beautiful....:)
Zue x

TwinkleToes2day said...

Absolutely wonderful. Fantastic! Looking forward to the next ones ((hugs)) :o) x

Lynn Holland said...

You've got us all hooked Carolyn. Xxx

Carol Rigby said...

I can't wait to see the others Carolyn.

Julie said...

Your allotment is delightful, Carolyn. I like the idea of making a large piece and then cutting it down into smaller pieces. That way all the pieces will have a certain unity. I shall look forward to seeing more.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My magpie heart was cheered by seeing your emeralds - such a perfect addition to your piece of art. Fun!!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Amazing work!

Vicki Miller said...

sounds great, will be looking forward to it

Carmina said...

Wondeful work! I love your style...

Anonymous said...

I can "see" a landscape all laid out here with a giant emerald farm and woods and rivers and the farmhouse. Wonderful what the mind's eye sees. Lovely work so perfect. xox

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I love it! Looks just like an allotment in this part of the world. Lesley x