"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday 1 February 2015

the beekeeper's allotment

the beekeeper's allotment is naturally honey coloured
I used cellophane toffee wrappers, hand dyed silk and some metallic fabrics
and the other side of the beehive cross stitch with tiny little bees

on top of the silk I added some gold metallic paint and pressed another
piece of chiffon and some gilding flakes into the paint while it was still wet
I also added some of the gold paint on the blanket piece
and dotted lots of french knots across the piece
I used different shades of honey, beige, brown and gold for the knots
in this instance ... I think they look like little bees

I like using fabrics that have raw edges
and fabrics with pleats and tucks
along with the knots ... it adds a bit of texture so the piece is tactile

tomorrow ... "the allotment hedgerow"


Carol Rigby said...

Yes. The french knots do look like bees. Looking forward to seeing tomorrows allotment.

https://tastytextiles.blogspot.com/ said...

Another masterpiece!

Julie said...

The little hive cross stitch fits perfectly with all the different fabrics. I thought the cellophane wrappers were from Jaffa cakes ;-)

TwinkleToes2day said...

FanTAStic use of different materials! I am uber impressed with your french knots. That is one (of many) stitch, that I have never been able to do.
Looking forward to seeing the hedgerow ((hugs)) x

chrissie said...

Very beautiful and very inspiration as well

Love Chrissie

Anonymous said...

Warm and inviting. xox