"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday 2 February 2015

the allotment hedgerow

over the top of the allotment hedgerow
you might catch a glimpse of beaded seedy things
amongst the chiffon grassy things

on top of layers of chiffon I've used fly stitches with beads
and the corner of the field is bordered with metallic lace
which is now tarnished and dark with age ... just how I like it
I've secured the lace with some invisible stitches in gold thread

you might also find some "sluggy" type things
they came about by painting and gilding on top of small pressed pleats in the fabric
I added some gold metallic beads which then made them look a bit slug like
... a bit like "Sid the Sloth" from Ice Age ;o)
so this turned into a happy piece that makes me smile

fabrics, paints, gilding flakes, a few more "emeralds"
layered fraying chiffons, running stitches, fly stitches, beads and metallic lace

this one reminds me so much of the fields and landscapes
along my  favourite coast road between St. Ives and St. Just
the fields stretch out to meet the sea and sky
and the cows come up to have a nose and greet you
they like to slobber on bags and cameras too, if you're not careful!
these fields and dry stone walls are further along the coast road near Geevor
it's a place I like to go blackberry picking in autumn
the horses like to get up close and personal too ...
hello ... a moo from Morvah and a neigh from Geevor ♥
St. Ives bay this morning ...
the skies were very stormy over Hayle and Godrevy way
but brighter over the town ...
I had a great morning with St. Ives Textiles
and afterwards enjoyed a pasty in the harbour with friend Margaret
looking out over this view
I call it "linen clouds"

 tomorrow ... "the pumpkin patch"


Carol Rigby said...

I think this is my favourite so far. Your 'slobbery' cows made me laugh and thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

https://tastytextiles.blogspot.com/ said...

I am enjoying this all so much, especially all the beautiful photography

Julie said...

Really beautiful photographs. I think you were flying when you took the one over the harbour ;-)

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a feast for the eyes this post is. I love the fly stitch (never heard of that one) with beads and the 'slugs' are very clever. The metallic lace reminds me of miniature fishing net. I wonder if it was made by hand or machine.
Your coastal photo's are in glorious colours and the slobbery beasts made me smile :D 'Linen Clouds' made my heart skip. Gorgeous photo. ((hugs)) xx

Lynn Holland said...

Ditto from me with what Mo says. You are really in the groove again now Carolyn.
What's all that green stuff and cows though, we've only got white stuff and not a cow in sight. Roll on spring haha xxx

chrissie said...

All very beautiful-especially like the linen clouds creation.

Love Chrissie

Andy Lloyd Williams said...

Oh to be in Cornwall, now that winter is here. I love the fly stitch (one of my favourite stitches) with beads. An uplifting post - thank you.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't think anyone could help but be creative living in the area you do! Such beautiful scenery - and have to love that nose close-up!!

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous bunch of beasties in your hedgerow. Nice stitch. xox

Indianna said...

Love the linen clouds ... Lovely photos x