"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Wednesday 18 March 2015

days at the seaside

a bit of a seaside post today
sharing some recent photos ...
in St. Ives with my mum at the end of February
quite a warm morning for February
the sun made everything even more beautiful ... if that's possible
the sea was calm and very green, light reflecting off the sand
we watched the seagulls coming in to land
they were quite bothersome that day ... there was much pasty stealing!
I was down in St. Ives again at the beginning of March for St. Ives Textiles
at Porthmeor Studios
a view of the island from Porthmeor Studios
 we were given a tour of the fishermen's cellars
at Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West
it was a rare opportunity to take lots of photos for St. Ives Textiles
and I will be updating the website very soon
with new work and inspiring photos from the cellars
you can sign up here to receive updates if you are interested ...
with thanks to Marilyn Weston for arranging the tour
it was fascinating to meet one of the last remaining net menders in Cornwall
and learn some of the history of the cellars, still in use
also to see the maritime art installation created by Mark Dion
even the walls tell a painterly story or two ...

vintage art materials in Mark Dion's maritime art installation

 the fishermen's cellars ...
 also at Porthmeor Studios ... admiring the Gyotaku prints
prints made using real fish, squid and squid ink
something I want to have a go at myself!
you can see more fishy prints on the facebook page of Porthmeor Studios here
back in Mousehole ...
Mousehole harbour
and all last week we had friends staying with us
it was nice to have company on my walks and beachcombing

 I took these photos of the "baulks" in Mousehole harbour

during the winter months the baulks are positioned by crane
 to bridge the gap between the two piers
offering shelter for the harbour from winter storms and the like
I would really love to make a largish quilted piece some time
inspired by the colours lines numbers and rings in these photos 

I'm glad I managed to get these photos as it's ...
"baulks up, boats down" on March 21st
that means the "baulks" will be lifted by crane so that the Mousehole "gap"
(between the two piers) will be open again for boats to go in and out

friend Sue was very patient ... I took rather a lot of photos as usual
most of the time my camera was down in one particular bit of beach
there I found so many things to inspire that had a textile "feel" to them ...

looking closely at nature is such a joy

I never imagined I would find all this on a rocky bit of beach!
(and all the while my house is in sight)
this time a week ago I had a brilliant crow day gelli printing with friend Jo
I think you will agree these are quite "grungy" for me!
I also printed with leaves (and feathers)
then ...
on Friday (the 13th) we were back in St. Ives
it was a beautiful bright day ... but very very bitterly cold
and blustery ...
 spray was washing right over the pier ... an awesome sight
I couldn't quite capture it for having to dodge it!
but, thankfully, the other side the harbour was sheltered by the pier wall
(love that ladder)

  St. Ives was at it's most beautiful ...
I was inspired to stitch ... 
a long sunlit day of swimming
a St. Ives cottage with rock pool details inspired by St. Ives colours
with stitches that match patterns and colours on the mussel shell
and a little Mousehole rock pool on silk
a sunny rock pool with bright green sea water
it will have gold on it ... reflections of skies and shimmer

with the bluest shells gathered from the beach at Godrevy

the hearts are almost finished ... I have several others I am working on too
but I cannot rush at the moment ... some days I prefer to collage or paint
some days I prefer to gather things and have sketchbook days
some days are wonderful and other days my heart is heavy
(there is a lot going on in my little world that I choose not to mention)
so I shall end here with a happy photo
and send you all lots of love from Cornwall ♥
(thank you so much for visiting me!)


Andy Lloyd Williams said...

I have always wanted to incorporate a mussel shell in one of my embroideries and you have done it so beautifully with such stunning colouring. Thank you for sharing the photos with us. Can't wait to get back to Cornwall in July!

Diane said...

Just stunning. Your photo's and finds are amazing. I want to be there xx

Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

So many beautiful images , , , thank you! The baulks at Mousehole Harbour are so lovely . . . oh, there is so much to look at.

Julie said...

Beautiful photography Carolyn, especially the baulks and the natural world. I love your close, close-ups. Sending you love for your heavy heart xxx♥xxx

massofhair said...

I hope the pictures you took lightened your heavy heart so that there was a semblance of balance some days. Hope your heavy heart lightens very soon...

Such stunning imagery, i love the textures and the vibrant colours from the rocky beaches.

You are an inspiration in my world :-) xxx

TwinkleToes2day said...

What gloriously beautiful photographs, you have such a talent in photography as well in textiles and fabulous stitchery (I know, lol). The views through your lens brighten my day, and I know that being there brightens yours too. Wishing you peace and light and lots of {{Hugs}} :o) xx
ps - looking forward to seeing the green heart x

Yael said...

Delightful blog!
Wonderful posts, so rich!
Gorgeous photos!
I love your art!
I will visit often!

mano said...

so many wonderful pictures! I love your gelli-prints very much.

Rebecca said...

I find your photos of Cornwall so very inspiring. Beautiful - colour, light, texture. Just so much inspiration.

Niky Sayers said...

What beautiful photos, they have very much brightened up my morning! Thank you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always Carolyn. Such gorgeous images. Hoping you feel lighter soon!

Starr White said...

"looking closely at nature is such a joy" yes it is! and you do it beautifully. Your world is so different from mine - thank you for sharing it here!! such an inspiration.

windowsillstudio said...

my most favorite blog in the wide world

Neptune's Daughter said...

your work - in all media sums up the essence of the sea... I can almost feel the sand between my toes when I see you work and images and read your words
MermaidReborn (from flickr)

Unknown said...

it really did feel like i was there loved your post thank you for sharing out my window was a fresh fall of snow this morning.....

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - such incredible images Carolyn! Your photography skills are amazing and it definitely helps that you live in an area so full of inspiration. I was interested to see the prints done with fish - I had just seen something about that recently, but they were using rubber fish to make the prints. Curious about fish cellars - I assume the fishermen might be there processing fish for sale?

Nina Fenner said...

Love your work and I'm really excited that we're moving down to Falmouth this summer. I'll definitely be over (possibly a couple of times?!) to soak up the wonder of the St Ives Textiles group exhibition this autumn. The work you're all doing looks amazing, so inspiring.