"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Fabric pebble collage and playing with Photoshop

imagine a shingle beach
large round pebbles
blue and grey
the sea is rough today
the tide is strong
the waves roll in
surf spraying the air
salty and wild
white and foamy
the tide collects pebbles
like you or I
picks them up
and flings them back
smoothing life's lines
for all time

White household emulsion paint on white cotton to transfer an image. This is actually one that went wrong - but I still like it! You may see the mistake - I forgot to reverse the image at the copy stage before pressing my copy onto the paint so the text is reversed. I stuck it in my book anyway because the texture is nice. Later, you will see I used this print to play with photoshop and achieve some different looks

I'm using a couple of pebbles to help keep the pages flat to photograph. The book is bulging with samples so it's hard to keep the pages open!

This is a little fabric collage I made. The central panel is again transferred using white emulsion paint. I hand stitched round the pebbles in black which gave it a quilted look and feel. I stitched the central panel to silver/grey/black fabric with ripples. On top of that I added torn hand made paper which I painted grey and chiffon which I had previously distressed with heat with free machine stitch on top. I added small "pebble" beads top right and bottom left. The whole piece is very tactile and has nice textures

Playing with Photoshop

I zoomed in on the pebble column (top picture) and played with Photoshop. Here are some of the effects that can be achieved:

Ocean ripple effect

Turning the photo around from a column to a row of pebbles

Accidentally blurring the photo - a complete accident but I like it! This is what prompted me to "play"

The row of pebbles inverted


Back with more pebbles soon

Carolyn ♥


Ruth said...

I love watching the progression of your work. Wonderful stuff!

Cathie said...

Only YOU could make pebbles so whimsical!

K J D said...

Amazing! I love seeing what you have been up to!


Amanda said...

This stuff rocks! (sorry -awful pun I know)

How do you do the image transfer with emulsion paint ?

Jill said...

It is so inspiring when people share their thought processes, lovely work.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Very Cool! Who knew such fun could be had with some simple pebbles...
And the poem sounds like the sea.

martha brown said...

Your pebbles are wonderful!

Gina said...

Such beautiful images.

Elizabeth said...

i just love what you have done here!!!! I love your pebbles- I know pebbles like these with the continuous ring, as Lucky Stones. I find them often on the beach on Cape Cod. When my daughter and I travel home each summer and collect at the shore, I come back to Virginia with several boxes of rocks, At LEAST!!! A big reason why we do not fly!!!!!
Your collage is fabulous- love all of the texture!!!! Have you drilled holes in the small ones????

stitchworks said...

I like your experiments and have never heard of using emulsion to transfer images. I have been using Ink Aid recently.

JP said...

some fascinating images

Unknown said...

Carolyn, always a unique surprise. These are lovely and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love it. It's so much fun to see what you are working(playing) on.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I LOVE to watch your experiments. The pebbles are just lovely.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Carolyn, this is really beautiful work. I love this kind of art, simple and inspired by nature. I've put one of these images on my Tumblr with a link to your post/site. Hope that's OK? Any problems let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyne: I love your blog very much. I haven't seen everything yet. So far what I like most is the pebbles and photoshop effects. I have always loved rocks in all sizes and forms. I have to learn to make them so I can attach them to my relief tapestry. It would be nice since I know how to make 3D trees. Thanks. nga