"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Sunday 5 March 2017

sticky stuff ...

after struggling with the sticky stuff for last Wednesday's masking tape samples
I was encouraged to try again thanks to the lovely comments and suggestions
of my readers, in particular Mary Anne and (Mr/Mrs) Anonymous
and the inspiring samples my sister Evelyn produced

rather than paint a background in only one colour
Evelyn used the masking tape technique over some printed / stencilled pieces
so ... inspired by this ... I dug out a couple of mine to try again

this is my print ...
and I've coloured in areas with mica to create a more solid background

(Mr/Mrs) Anonymous's tip of de-tacking the tape was a great one
(duh ... why didn't I think of that!)

I stuck the tape a few times on my white t shirt to remove some of the sticky
then loosely stuck the tape on my print in random "x" patterns
then lightly sponged white paint over so I could still see the print coming through ...

my sister suggested that I don't leave the tape on too long
so I gave it a quick zap with the heat gun and then peeled off the tape
to reveal this more abstract kind of subtle effect

some close ups ...

this is what I did with the bits I peeled off ...

I created a mini collage with vintage dressmaking pattern pieces
and bits from a 1960s magazine and painted round them with mica
the I stuck the peely bits down on top in more "x" patterns

bits of the tape lifted off magazine text (reversed) which was interesting
and to finish I added silver foil

one more sample below ...

(I'm glad I took photos of the original prints
because this moment in art gets lost otherwise)

so again, I dug out an earlier print and added mica and acrylics

stuck the masking tape down in random "x" patterns
and this time sponged on the white paint more thickly this time

I used my heat gun to help it along a bit
and then peeled off the masking tape to reveal the "x" patterns

so thank you for helping me with your suggestions my dear readers ...
I now feel happier for persevering and creating these samples

back in my comfort zone ... I created this little moment in art
using an old photo that I have in my collection and recently gathered treasure

seaweed with barnacles and blue string from Marazion
shells from St. Ives and an oyster shell from The Coastguard in Mousehole
(all sweet memories with my man)

the words come from a childhood poem ...

when I was down beside the sea
a wooden spade they gave to me
to dig the sandy shore

my holes were hollow like a cup
in every hole the sea came up
till it could hold no more

~Fred Wilde~
I'm pleased to say I have finally decided on my focus for St. Ives Textiles

I'm going with pebbles and other beach finds for our theme of "Cornwall"
and have a wealth of ideas I'd like to pursue

this will naturally mean visits to all my favourite local beaches
I hope you might enjoy glimpses along the way ...
St. Ives Textiles

will be exhibiting at Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St. Ives
during the St. Ives September Festival
(9 - 16 September 2017)


I will be back on Wednesday with crackle paste samples
for week 5 of The Surface Treatment Workshop

thanks again for reading and for your kind encouragement x


Angie Willis said...

Fascinating description of your process and thinking again. So looking forward to reading about your 'Cornwall' project. I love the colours and patterns in your pebbles - how lucky you are to live near the sea :-)

liz said...

we also have plenty of the same blue string on the beach of Vlissingen (Netherlands), i know it's very bad of me but i like this blue colour

Anonymous said...

Marvelous masking tape mark making. Love that ring of stones, want to wear it as a necklace from the sea. Nice vingnettes. Happy Week to you as well. xox

Tanya Rogers said...

Great results from the masking tape, and always love the textures you achieve in your work - love the ideas that are coming from this book, might give it a go - sounds like a great idea to spark inspiration! Best wishes xxx

Carol Rigby said...

I'm glad you had another go at the masking tape and with lovely results too. You must be having great fun working with your sister on this project.
I love the addition of that blue string in your assemblage. It's amazing what effect little touches can make to a piece.

Julie said...

Ooh! Visits to beaches for beach combing! I'm on my way, or, failing that, I'll look forward to following your excursions 😃xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so glad you tried the masking tape again - and just look at what came of it!! Can't wait to see the next technique AND to see what you do with the stones.