"I begin with an idea ... and then it becomes something else"
~ Picasso

Monday, 3 January 2011

Sparkly Monday

Sparkly Monday
1. Sparkly Monday blues 2. Juniper bokeh 3. .
4. Happy New Year! 5. Blog snowflake 6. Blue hearts

♥ sparkly best wishes to you all ♥

a sparkly crystal snowflake always brings cheer
I am very happy to have made some lovely friendships
in blogland and through the Brooklyn sketchbook project

I hope you don't mind if I share with you
some of the beautiful things that have come my way
from my very clever and creative friends

a beautiful frosty snowflake card from Sharne

a delicious bundle from Sharon
my friend from the Brooklyn sketchbook project

including the most beautiful fabrics and lace

and pretty snowflakes and stars

a wonderful stitched postcard from Gunnel

with pretty and nostalgic details
a card featuring Gunnel's beautiful photography
from her hometown in Sweden
they have much snow!

a tag made by Sheilafor the tag with an inchie swap

a lovely silver tree charm from Colette

a tag made by Penny
for the tag with an inchie swap

a wonderful and magical oil painting of a snow scene
painted by my friend Lesley
who was inspired by the little bit of snow we had
in St. Ives at the beginning of December

a gorgeous stitched piece resembling a rock pool from my friend Julie
It reminds me of the beachcombing day we spent in the summer
Julie loves and is inspired by St. Ives

and these beautiful and interesting dyed/painted fabrics are from Julie
a tag made by Emma
for the tag with an inchie swap
a tag for the tag with an inchie swap
but I'm not sure who made this pretty green tag
as there was no name/details on the back
does anyone recognise it?

I had a very lovely parcel from Ewa Christine from Sweden
which I will be sharing on my red blog
I also thought this stamp was pretty!

From my friend Viv - Hen's Teeth
I received this wonderful fabric/paper/stitched collaged card
It has a lovely vintage feel about it
which made me feel all nostalgic for my early childhood

I love this card from my friend Sue
She knows me well and sent me snowy cottages
... that remind me of St. Ives

Fore Street, St. Ives, Cornwall
and so I come to a few photos taken recently
in St. Ives in December

little boats taken out of the water for winter

St. Ives - old stone archway
Cornish cottage on cotton

St. Ives harbour - winter light
The light always seems so amazingly bright in St. Ives

I took this just before Christmas but don't be fooled by all that blue
it was -4°C
with a blustery wind chill factor

brrrrrrrr ....

My latest heart was inspired by St. Ives in winter
with the wind and sea roaring noisily

roared noisily seawards in winter
Stitched incorporating text, my distressed fabrics and local shells
The pale yellow fabric was a pressie from Julie back in the summer
and will always remind me of a lovely lunch prepared by Julie's DH

My last photo is one I took of St. Ives in December
I've altered it with textures and various photoshop tools

I love everything about this one actually!

the bright winter light
the little white sail boat
the yellow painterly layers
so St. Ives!

I hope the new year brings you fresh optimism
and enthusiasm for whatever you wish to achieve in 2011



Deborah said...

So many lovelies and photos! Happy New Year!

artymess said...

Fantastic post Carolyn great start to a creative year .....Happy New Year ....x

Twiglet said...

A very special array of gifts - so beautiful and thoughtful!

vilterietje said...

carolyn, i realy enjoyed reading and watching your blog, thanks for all the great things you showen us. Yuo are a lucky devil to receive so many wonderfull presents. love, riet:)

Doreen G said...

Great post Carolyn.Happy New Year to you and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Penny said...

Wonderful post - I felt like I was opening each and every little package with you. A lovely way to end a year and begin a new one with reminders of friends far and near.

Carrie said...

I am soooo jealous! All I got for Christmas was two hangovers and 4 extra pounds on my hips!

Sheila Knight said...

You really do deserve all these lovely treasures, Carolyn; very best wishes for 2011 and I look forward to your posts which are so inspiring.

jo mcintosh said...

Hi, lovely blog. Have placed my erosion bundle 2011 in the garden and there will be a post soon on my blog, did you manage to do yours?

jan said...

So many lovely things to treasure. Happy New Year :~)

Lyn said...

great post full to the brim of gorgeous things, thanks for sharing them.

Julie said...

So much beauty in your post today Carolyn and some beautiful gifts from so many. I love the last collage of St Ives. I wish for you everything you wish for us. A very Happy and Rewarding New Year to you and hubby.

Jill said...

What a new year's feast of treasures, so many delightful things to linger over. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

lovely gifts and beautiful images...a true delight to behold..thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Sharne Gregory said...

I love your Winter heart, it is stunning.

Ruth said...

Wow! What a wonderful group of friends you have with lovely gifts.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

best wishes for a fab 2011! Love all the wintry goodies.

Lynn Cohen said...

I always love all your art Carolyn, and photos (which is art too of course); and todays sweetness is the snowflakes that are falling on the snow scenes you posted. So at Gunnels house it is actually snowing! ;-) Delightful.

Caroline said...

Happy New Year Carolyn! What a super post full of goodies. I love the St Ives photos!

K J D said...

Thank you Carolyn, what a lovely way to start my day! Gorgeous goodies. Thanks for sharing :)


Johoanna Robson said...

What a lovely lot of presents you received. And your heart is absolutely beautiful! Mwah! Johoanna

gunnelsvensson said...

So much beauties here!
I wish you the very best 2011!

I Dig This Life said...

So much lovely and beautiful photos and textiles on the blog entry need to go through them all again!

Thanks for sharing

Oh and love the bundles you recieved, (lucky you! so jealous)


Hello Carolyn, Happy New Year To you and Your family. Soooooo many lovely photos and pressies to see. The beaded snowflake is awesome. Hugs Judy

Julie Shackson said...

Lovely post Carolyn; so much to explore! xxjxx

lynda Howells said...

you are so lucky Carolyn to have such talented friends...very jealous but also very pleased for youxxHappy New Year and maybe l will be down youir way later this way and wavexx just wanted to also say..love all your imagesx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Oh, this is all so pretty - love the background Carolyn and the hearts and snowflakes! Thanks for including the Winter Snow card - how slack of me not to have yet posted about your lovely cards - guilty, guilty. I'll be sorry to have to take the tree down tomorrow too. x

Clare Wassermann said...

how lovely - you have pictures of my weekend!!!

Karen said...

Too beautiful for words!!!

rl said...

I love how you separated the blue and the red. Gorgeous.

Selfsewn said...

Hello Carolyn
We have been visiting St Ives for many years, back as far as the milk bar!

Its our favourite place in the world, in oct last year we stayed in the grey 3 story flats on the pier end. Lush!

Another St ives blogger is Noelle from sew and sew. And a lovely blogger Diane from heart shaped also so a big fan!

Love your pictures. Looking forward to reading more now!


Cathie said...

So lovely... each and every wee little bit. It is quite clear dear bezzy, that YOUR spirit is appreciated and loved, by many.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh Carolyn, blue is my favorite color. This post has certainly been a feast for my eyes.